Church Announces 4-Hour Block & New Curriculum

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – Just days before the 186th Annual General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Church announced exciting changes coming to Sunday meetings for more than 15 million members. Early Wednesday morning, Elder Escuelo Domingo of the Sunday School Meeting Schedule Board announced that the regular Sunday block schedule would see some drastic changes over the next few weeks as a new meeting schedule is rolled-out to LDS wards and branches worldwide.

Nourish & Strengthen Website
New layout of Nourish and Strengthen Website.

“As a part of the church’s ongoing mission to perfect the saints, we are pleased to announce a change to the regular Sunday meeting schedule and a new Sunday School curriculum,” he said.

“Sunday church meetings will now consist of two, 2-hour blocks, including Sacrament and Priesthood and Relief Society in the first two hour block, and an elective-style block of classes for the second two hour block, with an hour meal break between the two blocks.”

“Over the past few years, we have made changes to the missionary teaching curriculum, youth curriculum, and the time has come to continue rolling out additional changes to the teaching structure for adults of the church,” Elder Domingo stated as he addressed throngs of media gathered for the press conference at church headquarters in Salt Lake City. “During the second two hour block, we will also add an additional hour to the other meetings including Primary and Young Men and Young Women classes.”

An audible gasp could be heard amongst members of the media.

Back in September 2002, the Church rolled out a new missionary teaching program known as Preach My Gospel. Since that time, the Church also rolled out a new curriculum for the youth of the church called Come Follow Me. This new curriculum for adults will be known as Nourish and Strengthen: Redefining the Multitudes. It will include classes tailored to help members grow in all facets of their lives, including areas that may not be directly related to gospel principles.

New Yearning for Yoga Sunday School Class

Some of the new curriculum classes will include modern teachings and classes including Yearning for Yoga, How to Become a 9 Cow Wife, Manrichment, Mormon Folklore, and more. The church teamed up several with Brigham Young University professors to create the curriculum. Due to the specialized nature of the classes, many will be broadcast to televisions, tablets, and mobile devices via the internet or satellite transmission.

“The brethren feel like this teaching change will continue to help our church become a 21st century church with members so fit it will help them in all things, including church ball. It will help our members become stronger spiritually, emotionally, mentally, as well as physically.” A pilot program was created and put into place in Spring 2014 and has been in the testing phase in various wards throughout Utah. Additional details are expected to be released beginning on April Fools and will continue throughout the week through General Conference.

Spring 2016 Class Schedule:
To see the full curriculum schedule, click here.

Purchase New Curriculum Materials:

  • CTR rings for the Menace To Society: Choose The Right Companion class.
  • LDS movies for the LDS Movie Buff & Critic class.
  • LDS art for the Religious Sculpting & Painting class with Brother Ross.
  • All other materials including study guides and class materials are available on LDS Bookstore.

To see this year’s groundbreaking announcement, click here!

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  1. Is this a joke

    • Julianne Nielsen

      Yes, it is! Did you not read the whole article?

    • This was very funny. I can’t wait to introduce this to my kids tonight over dinner. It may have been even funnier if it was announced that we are moving to the two hour block:-)

    • Yeah,…this is funny to geeky Utah Mormons.

    • Funny thing is – I remember when the brethren came out saying that yoga was of the devil. And that wasn’t even April fools!

    • I am geeky and old. I am a Utah Mormon and i was rejoicing since I found the 3 hour block a challenge. in our tiny isolated from the world village and where town and ward were the same, the old schedule almost mirrored this and stake conference was two two hour blocks if I remember right.

      One person’s idea of bad may seem good to another that is for sure.

      This sure beats the Trib’s Kirby for humor.

    • Your church is stupid

    • RIDICULOUS. NOT FUNNY AT ALL. This is problematic as many don’t take the time to read thoroughly. This will cause problems and confusion. You’re a ridiculous website and you owe an apology to EVERYONE. I will NEVER SUBSCRIBE or have anything to do with such an immature, unprofessional and irresponsible group of people.

      • This is funnier than the joke!

      • Need a hug, do we? Perhaps a bit of a sense of humor too?

      • Who’s fault is it if they don’t read the whole article?

      • Glenda, this site and/or others do April Fools church announcements every year, and to my knowledge has not led to any lasting confusion, uproar, or anybody leaving the church. I suspect this will not escalate into the big deal you believe it will. Happy April Fool’s!

      • It’s a joke. Relax!

      • Oh, relax. It’s just a funny. Haha

      • Glenda: I don’t think the problem is the website. I think the problem is the reader. I guess you shouldn’t read any article on the web. Since they all hide hidden clues or information in the middle and end of articles. You’re an extremist if you really think this website or the LDS Church owe anyone an apology? Does the BBC owe Hillary Clinton an apology for doing an April Fools joke on her filing for divorce?? Get real – you seem to be the immature, unprofessional and irresponsible person here. If you knew anything about the church its – that it would go to great lengths to make this ‘new 4 hour block’ widely known they would read letters from the First Presidency in every Sacrament meeting for a couple weeks. Way to ruin the fun! Thanks a lot!

      • Now, Now, Martin! Are you the authority and judge of stupid? Hummm! Explain, Dear Brother, explain — enlighten me, please. 🙂

      • LOL! It was only a joke, and a well played one on April fools day at that. Very funny. Had me worried for a few seconds until I figured out what day it was.

      • Oh Glenda, lighten up a bit. This shows the Mormon church has fun personality, a sense of humor, and no it will not create a bunch of problems. I think it was very fun and perfect for this website to do on April Fools Day! I think they’re brilliant, and you just need to relax and enjoy the sense of humor they have.

      • Glenda (from another Glenda) I think it is quite amusing, especially the schedule listing creative choices. Think I’d enjoy some of them!

      • It’s funny!!!! It’s ok to laugh, be silly, enjoy life! Lighten up!! As a non mormon, l DID NOT loose respect for your church just because someone out there has a sense of humor! People like you, who take life WAAAY to seriously, would make me run like the wind, AWAY from you, and a religion who didn’t know that it’s ok to have fun. But then again, l MUCH prefer pictures of a joyful Lord than a solemn one. I bet we differ in that area too. Praying you find some fun in your life. God bless!

      • Brandon, don’t be sorry! If we can’t laugh at ourselves sometimes, we are a sad lot indeed! In an often dark world, benign humor is a great escape from the other things that might get us down. Keep it up!

      • Oh, we are so fortunate to have such a wise one as you to help us thru life.

    • Look at the DATE!

      • I loved this article. I am an April Fool’s baby, so I have had some interesting birthday ‘gifts’ like the year my two sweet daughters sucked the creme filling out of a Twinkie and filled it with horse radish. I was almost brought to tears when these two little cuties brought me the Twinkie with one lit candle and said, “Hope you have a happy birthday, Mom.” When I bit into it, not only did the tears come, but I thought my sinuses were going to blow up. Mormons can sometimes be a little stuffy and self-righteous. I know because I am one. We need to lighten up, take a joke, and laugh until our sides ache. Thanks, Brandon. Well done!

  2. Happy April Fool’s Day!! 🙂

  3. Oh my gosh HAHAHAHAHA!!!! You got me so good!!! I totally believed it until I saw the yoga and 9 cow wife classes LOL!!!!!! This was GREAT!!! Thanks for the laugh!!! LOL!!!! 😀

    • Hahaha yah I was starting to get worried there for a min when I first saw the title, being in the primary presidency & trying to figure out what to do for another hour with a bunch of kids, love them but 2 hrs is long enough for them that’s for sure… that was pretty awesome though. Manrichment… love it!

      • At least you caught on when you saw the curriculum, I was busy trying to remind myself that I sustain the leaders; I thought that maybe the 2nd Coming had a silver lining??

    • It was the manenrichment that slued me in.

  4. Dead give away: Elder Escuela Domingo! LOL well done!

    • Lol, thanks. I had to google what it meant… I didn’t know there was anything there to catch. 🙂

  5. Actually, I think a two-hour plan would be great!! Then, after the snack time, we could have choir practice, missionaries could talk to investigators, classes for kids and teens could include more discussions, music, etc. As President Kimball said, JUST DO IT.

    • A two hour block would be great! Then we could have choir practice and fellowship. Our ward is overlapping with the other wards so there is not an open room for practice or meetings.

  6. I am not amused. This is going to cause a lot of confusion.

    • You can’t be serious………

    • Only among people who take what is put on LDS Daily as official church information. The only reliable place for that is the actual website.

    • You really think so?? With the picture of the yoga class? and the 9 Cow Wife class? AND , the dead giveaway, the page the whole thing was on, was labeled “entertainment” in big red letters!!!

    • It’s interesting that the article was posted under “Entertainment.” If it were a real Church announcement, do you think it would appear under “Entertainment?” Really?!

      • I read along and went back because I was SURE this had to be a joke, the Entertainment heading made me laugh and finish reading the rest of the article. It was the Yoga that made me say, “this is an April Fools joke…
        Lol. Some people may not be amused, but I am SURE they will feel relieved when they realize it is not true!

    • Yes it would because primary, and young men and women happens during RS and PH. So it would not happen during the last 2 hour block. And if they do put it then what are the children doing of an hour while all adults are in rs and ph. So confusing!

      • Jennifer, you do realize it’s a joke, right? It’s not real. Today is April Fool’s Day, a day when we play pranks on one another. This is an April Fool’s Day prank. It’s funny now, right?

    • Wasn’t amused either! 🙁

      • I agree, and I laugh, but I actually heard about it from a person who had heard it from a friend and was being genuine. She fell hook, line and sinker, and I hated to have to correct her. I’m sure she will take it in good humor. =) You only have to actually read the article to know it’s a joke, but it’s the people who just go by word of mouth that make me nervous!

        Happy April Fool’s!

      • Geeky Utah humour.

      • hahahahahahaha!!!!! Sheer genius! My thoughts were: NO WAY! Quickly followed by I’m so glad I’m inactive there not a chance I’m going back now! Makes three hours seem easy again. I was imagining breaking of the sabbath for yoga and increased decreased attendance after the meal break. LOL this was great. Good for you. BOO to the uptight Molly’s and Peter’s so busy passing judgment they can’t take a joke. And if the truth hurts-yes, I mean you.

    • I agree. While the tongue in cheek article is well executed as a joke…. it goes overboard. Way overboard.

    • It is ok, April Fool’s!!!!!!

    • i actually am currently beginning a YouTube fast until a week from Sunday, when I shallbe parked at the ward building to see who fell for it. I though that impossible, bu I now see some saints are really THAT slow. And others have no sense of humor. Not saying names.

    • Geez get a sense of humor

  7. Taylor Richardson

    Of course it’s a joke. Elder Escuela Domingo? Elder Sunday School in Spanish? Right. That’s totally real. This is a very well done joke! Well done!

  8. I was seriously going to stop going to church!!!

  9. Sorry, don’t find this amusing or funny. Will cause confusion & rumors and ending with those that believed it feeling foolish.

    • That’s kind of how jokes work!

    • … And what better day to feel foolish on?

    • Laughter is the best medicine. I’m going to write you a prescription.

    • You seem to be suffering from a lack of “Ha ha!” I, on the other hand, am completely well-versed in Monty Python humor, so as soon as read the full headline, I KNEW it was an April Fool’s Day joke!!!

      Loved it!!! It’s really a challenge to come up with really convincing ones these days! This was well-thought out and very well executed!!! I’m impressed!!!

    • If they read it all the way through and still take it seriously they deserve to feel foolish. If they did not read such a serioous subject all the way through they still deserve to feel foolish.

  10. You might think you’re being funny, but stupid names like “Escuela Domingo” aren’t funny to Latino members.

    “But — but — I served my mission in Spain! I LOVE Spanish people.”

    And we’re glad you like us; so make sure you listen to us too. It’s not funny.

    • You need to lighten up a little. It is April 1; April Fools Day, and you have been fooled. Laugh and find the humor in it. We need a little fun in this world that is so serious and challenging.

    • Some people need to get over themselves and get a sense of humor……we are ALL entitled to be funny sometimes! I don’t speak Spanish, but do read it, and I thought it was hilarious! I’m old…and I totally
      find this funny! How to be a 9 cow wife…yoga….one hour break for dinner……hahahahaha!

    • As a Latino member of the Church, I have to say that anyone who actually speaks Spanish and knows how names work know this is not a real name,so relax!

      The name actually gave it away too soon for me. I knew it was a joke as soon as I got to that part of the post!

      Great post guys!

    • you obviously don’t speak spanish if you are offended by the name. My mother was born and raised in Mexico and knowing the latino people as well as I do, growing up in a hispanic wards and branches, and living in Chile as a missionary I can tell you that we would never be offended by something so silly. If actually DO speak spanish and are offended then you have learned the wrong part of the US culture that gets offended by everything and need to get out of that mindset. lighten up. enjoy life.

    • Actually, my husband is Latino and he thought it was pretty funny. So I don’t think you need to turn this into a race thing here. That wasn’t the intention and it won’t be taken that way unless people are just grouchy and don’t like a good laugh now and then.

    • Oh lighten up. I’m Mexican, and I found the name to be hilarious.

  11. some people have no sense if humor! this is funny! it totally had me for 2 seconds. It is Aprils fools day it is supposed to cause confusion!

  12. They forgot to mention having a coffee break between the 2 blocks.

  13. Too bad it’s a joke! I was really looking forward to the yoga class (and yoga pants…at church…on Sunday…)!! 🙂

  14. LOL… you got me. My wife actually called it out. :”Yoga on Sunday??” and gave that somthings not right look. But me I fell for it.

  15. After being suspicious of the whole thing, this part was a dead give away for me…..
    “LDS art for the Religious Sculpting & Painting class with Brother Ross.” Loved the artist Bob Ross and his “happy little”… clouds, trees, cabins, lakes. Etc. everything was happy in his world. Lol

  16. Remember the sabbath day to keep it holy!

  17. Got halfway down the article before realizing it was an April Fools joke. Good one! Had me there for a few moments.

  18. Totally had me for just a sec….until thinking that attendance would plummet. Then came the 2nd hour block description. Yoga would be awesome!

  19. This is completely awesome!! I love tongue in cheek jokes on April fools day.

  20. My oldest daughter teaches Anti-Gravity Yoga (as featured in the pic) so I thought it was particularly amusing. I’m all for the Manrichment class, though! Oh, and seriously, some people need to really lighten up. Sheesh!

  21. Actually, we used to have church twice a day, so this wasn’t all that strange to me. Glad those days are done.

  22. was so sad when I realized it was a joke 🙂 Loved the 9 Cow wife and Manenrichment classes… what a great LAUGH!! thanks

  23. Yoga would be great. But why is it only for women? Oh yeah, because then men would have to see women in yoga pants and would get all the sexual thoughts.

  24. This really tested my obedience. I was resolved to follow the prophet, figuring it would be detailed in conference, then i saw the picture of the Sunday Yoga class and started laughing. It was fun to read the remainder of the tongue in cheek article. Thanks for the laugh, and for being able to learn something about myself!

  25. Great job Brando!! I always look forward to what you’ll do. Keep it up!! I loved it.

  26. SO funny!!! My wife actually called me at work to say the Church had made a change. I found the article and after speculating with my wife how this could work and you may be able to choose classes that your unit chose to teach I read the rest of the article and realized the hoax. Truly funny. Love it.

  27. Thank you for giving me the best laugh of the day.

    • I laughed until I cried!! Not only is the article a hoot, the comments are priceless!!
      Well done, son

  28. Awesome! Those who got their panties in a twist OBVIOUSLY didn’t read the entire article.

    Great job!!

  29. Good one! you had me till the yoga and 9 cow woman… I was trying to wrap my head around “WHHHHHYYYYYY???????”

  30. Oh man, that was the best I’ve been April Fooled in a LONG TIME! As primary president of my ward, my brain was rapidly searching the article for “WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO WITH THE PRIMARY CHILDREN FOR AN EXTRA HOUR?!!” Then the upside down yoga poses finally tipped me off. Kudos Brother Young! Way to keep our sense of humor alive. 🙂

  31. I was deeply confused as to whether the author, Brandon Young, is son, brother, husband and father to one minature golden doodle, or if several golden doodles are involved here. It seems like a lot to ask from one dog.

    • Nice comment. You can be nonconforming and still be a good LDS member. Too much DOGMA and stuffiness. This is a cool post, lots of effort.

  32. Our ward is one of the beta test wards. I’m the Manrichment teacher. It allows a lot of free movement like the youth curriculum. I cut out the scout camp talk and church ball chat. I made them put on a play that all got to attend during their second 2 hour block.

  33. I was actually impressed once I got over the initial shock! LOL we used to have split sessions, sacrament in the morning and then back after dinner for Sunday school, priesthood, RS, and primary. It isn’t that far a stretch except some of the classes made me raise an eyebrow.

  34. How are we to know which announcements are real or not? What about the block change? Is that an April Fools thng too?

  35. That was just awesome. Best laugh I’ve had in a long time, and I appreciate that. 🙂 Great job!

  36. El Kirb de Tribune

    Good job, Brandon. You drove the humorless right out into the open for the rest of us. Way to go out on idiot safari, man. My hat’s off.

  37. This is one big joke. Four hours of church on Sunday? That’s insane.

  38. So FANTASTIC!!! I took a big gulp and decided that I’d follow without complaint! Haha!!! Such a great joke!!

  39. I love your great workmanship and the smooth lead in to some wonderful classes. The best deception ever
    Hope you don’t get E XXXX ed

  40. I knew this wasn’t real when I saw Mormons in tank tops hanging upside down haha

  41. Darn, I thought Yearning for Yoga sounded pretty good.

  42. I think who ever did this should be EXCOMMUNICATED. I find it embarrassing and I WILL NEVER support your web site again. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME. Maybe you need to get a life and stop lying………………

    • I actually feel sad that you are unable to find humor in this. How bleak would life be if we cannot laugh at ourselves or find humor in a joke? Talk about getting a life….

    • D&C 64:10

      Just sayin’…

    • I think that *some people* might need to carefully read D&C 64:10 (

      Just sayin’…

    • HAHA. EXCOMMUNICATED?!? Are you for reals! It’s April Fools Day and it was simply a joke. You’re cra cra.

    • Really people, with all the craziness in the world you are going to let this upset you. Talk about judging someone, excommunicated for this article, so glad you are not my judge. We as Saints ARE a special people and should not be so sensitive. This was not a LIE but a JOKE. There is a big difference. Those of us that remember the split blocks probably fell for this hook, line and sinker until the yoga part.

    • Mandolynn Browning

      I am not LDS but I live in Utah and the majority of my friends are. I have been to the church several times and attended the Ogden open house. I generally really like the religion and the people in it. However, I would like to say that members like Ms. Curfew are one of the main reasons I have not joined the church. If making a silly joke on the entertainment page of a website is grounds for excommunication, I will never make it as an LDS, and I don’t know many who would. It also makes me wonder how many people like Ms. Curfew, who are so judgmental, actually live up to their own high standards. “Do not judge lest ye be judged”.

      • We’re not all like that. Just a couple crazies. Come, we welcome you 🙂

      • I appreciate your comment. As my parents tell us of their conversion (I was 3) they said how they fed the missionaries for years. I hope you don’t judge the religion based on the people. The church and its teachings are very true, but sometimes the people in it are very human. When we put the human aside, we cannot deny what we read and how we feel. We have to realize that the human part is up to our Heavenly Father to judge. Live the best way YOU know how!

      • Mandolynn Browning I know you wrote that over a year ago but just wanted to say, you sound like a great person, just would like you to know that a person who does not have a sense of humor is not indicative of the Church as a whole nor the majority of its members. I believe our Heavenly Father has a great sense of humor and probably enjoyed this as much as most of us did. I recently had proof of Heavenly Father’s sense of humor on a personal level. I am in a country that speaks a language I do not understand for a while. So when I attend Church meetings I take my smart phone and read scriptures. One Sunday morning I told my husband I was a bit discouraged because I was not losing weight as I would like. (I need the yoga classes mentioned in the article!) In our hymn book there are scripture references at the bottom of the hymns that go along with the hymns. I read a reference, Psalm 28:25 that would pertain to trusting in the Lord. On this morning that I was discouraged over my weight, here is what the Scripture said. “He that is of a proud heart stirreth up strife: but he that putteth his trust in the Lord shall be made fat.” I must admit I had to slap my hand over my mouth to keep from bursting out laughing while a speaker was giving his talk in Church!
        I truly believe even the Church Leaders laughed at this great April Fools Joke!

    • People! People! People!
      PLEASE….. lighten up.
      Get off the soap-box and enjoy the humor. This IS funny and to feel the author should be excommunicated is waaaay too narrow-minded. Take off the blinders and look at the joy in the differences that make the Saints unique, not sensitive “delicate and fragile” flowers that wilt at the slightest slant at what we do that-to the outside world must look kinda wacky.
      Take a deep breath and RELAX!

    • Was your comment an April Fool’s joke? 🙂

    • Well, perfect! As the executive secretary, I will be sure to get that process scheduled with the bishop. 🙂

  43. That’s not funny. Not appropriate at all. Very disappointed. The Saints are a special and sensitive people who keep away from lies and deception. I am severely affected by this. I am sorry to say I am a little disgusted by this article. It should not have been made.

    • Valerie Quevedo

      Anyone angry over a simple joke not only has zero sense of humor, but needs to seek psychiatric treatment for some kind of mental or emotional disorder. Do you understand that MANY of the church leaders have fantastic senses of humor? Do you realize that the prophet Joseph Smith LOVED practical jokes, and even hid someone’s carriage on top of a house once? Did this joke physically harm you? Did it cause the destruction of your soul? Would 60 more minutes of your life given to the Lord really cause such a huge catastrophic destruction in your life that you need to get on here and throw an angry verbal fit and try to make others feel bad for simply having a little innocent fun? You. Need. Help. Anyone calling this racist also needs help. Get over yourself. We are Peruvian, speak Spanish, and were not offended by this AT ALL. Quit looking for reasons to be angry and “hurt” by things all the time, and start acting the way Christ has asked you to. Ephesians 4:32 “Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.” 90% of the comments responding to this article are anything BUT tenderhearted. If you choose to take offense to things like this, it only shows what a bitter, angry, un-Christlike person you are with not one ounce of tenderhearted forgiveness in your body. The Lord has ALWAYS said to be slow to anger. Calm down, breathe, and learn to live life like a normal, sane human being who doesn’t get worked up so easily. You’re the people giving the church a bad name, because you have zero social skills and react in the most ridiculous ways to anything that even slightly inconveniences you for even a second.

      • To paraphrase Jerry Clower: “Those of you who are frowning and can’t laugh at this need to go home, look in a mirror and find out what the rest of us have been laughing at all these years.”

      • Your trite comment about a lack of humor equating to a mental illness is a perfect illustration of why so many people with actual mental illnesses, who desperately need help (an idea which you throw around as a comedic insult), don’t seek it. There is a huge stigma about mental illness that leads to a lot of unnecessary suffering, and people like you are the reason why. You should be ashamed of yourself.

        And for the record, I thought the original article was funny. Your judgmental comment, on the other hand, was very upsetting.

      • A joke is a joke this is just a out right lie.It’s hard enough to trust anything in the news these days as it is NOT FUNNY

      • Exceedingly well said!!!

      • I do not believe it is ok to defame the churches name in such a way. there should not have used the name of the Church like this in a joke, but not that I am trying to say that we shouldn’t joke at all, but a joke is still a lie. and if we are to be honest in all our dealings with our fellow men than a joke on behalf of the Church’s name in social media for all the world to see, could drive people away.

    • Sorry, Kayla. Odds are, we will do it again next year. Here’s your warning not to visit our site April 1, 2016.

    • Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  44. Thank goodness its April fools day !!!

  45. Gee, I didn’t think it was a joke! I already spend 5+ hours at church on Sundays…1 hour in PEC meeting, then 3 hours for regular meetings, and another hour afterwards as Clerk counting tithing & offerings. I’m not complaining, but many of us already spend many, many hours preparing lessons & talks, serving in various callings, home teaching, service projects, etc. etc., so a four hour block? No problem…just getting ready for when Jesus returns!

  46. Raul Moroni Rivera

    This is completely STUPID! you guys are getting members confused around the world! I have received tons of calls all day long asking me if this is true! Remember that most countries don’t celebrate april fools TODAY! i’m from Mexico and I can’t imagine how you can do it! Members and Leadership around the world will get in so much trouble! Just grow a little okay?

  47. Anyone angry over a simple joke not only has zero sense of humor, but needs to seek psychiatric treatment for some kind of mental or emotional disorder. Do you understand that MANY of the church leaders have fantastic senses of humor? Do you realize that the prophet Joseph Smith LOVED practical jokes, and even hid someone’s carriage on top of a house once? Did this joke physically harm you? Did it cause the destruction of your soul? If it weren’t a joke, would 60 more minutes of your life given to the Lord really cause such a huge catastrophic destruction in your life that you need to get on here and throw an angry verbal fit and try to make others feel bad for simply having a little innocent fun that you overreacted to? You. Need. Help. Quit looking for reasons to be angry and “hurt” by things all the time, calm down, breathe, and learn to live life like a normal, sane human being who doesn’t take everything so seriously.

  48. I am a fan of laughter, and I enjoy a good joke now and then , but the wisdom of this one to me took a sacred subject matter and used it disrespectfully.

    • The block schedule is sacred?

      I’d understand your statement, perhaps even would’ve agreed with it, if the author of this article mocked the sanctity of the sacrament service, or any of the principles of the Gospel taught in the other classes. However, that wasn’t the case. The author of the article was poking fun at the long, yea exceedingly long time we as members of the church put in on regular meetings.

      The gospel is true and should be taken seriously. However, the day we take ourselves too seriously is the day our priorities need to be re-evaluated.

  49. I started to mentally rearrange my schedule… Phew… Uhhh… Good one ?!! Haha

  50. Got me good! I personally think this was going too far also. I laughed about it later but honesty I was a little agitated when first reading it thinking, I’m going to have to pray about this. I definitely feel like a fool.

  51. I have to admit you had me going. I was thinking 4 hours? Yoga? That is inappropriate. Then I read April Fool’s. I am relieved.

  52. Will fast Sunday still be only 3 hours since there won’t be a lunch break?

  53. Although hilarious, we have to be careful writing about changes in the church. My home teacher is a very new convert and must not have read the entire article–but he doesn’t have the background of Jonny Lingo, etc. He just shared it with me along with his testimony. We really have to be careful.

    Hilarious joke! But not for my Home Teacher.

  54. It is not the context of the article, it is the usage of His Church, I fine offensive, I do not feel such folly or practical joking is appropriate, for members or non-members, this only adds to the fuel of non-believers,myths and fictitious stories and mis-truths, Makes no difference to myself, whether it be April Fool’s Day or any other Day…

    • I am a VERY recent convert and even I MYSELF know this we a joke! Converts are normally pretty diverse and have researched quite a bit before converting…… I means MONTHS of research! Sometimes YEARS!!! The reason we joined LDS is because of the beliefs, extreme love, NON-judgement, UNDERSTANDING, family life, good character of all the members we have ever come across, and did i mention EXTREME LOVE??!! How can you be so judgmental and call yourself a TRUE Christian? Thank you for making my family feel so loved to all the TRUE LDS members!! We love our Father and the family he has given us!! And to all you who can’t take this article for the amazing laugh it was meant to give, say an extra prayer for a little help to lighten your heart 😉

  55. Wow, this one got me! I was upset to think that we’d be at church for 5 hours, not counting the hour roundtrip of drive time, having to bring our lunch, and what about the little ones?? How would they last for such a long day without a nap? I forgot it was April Fool’s Day today, glad that my heartbeat is going back to normal! Loved the list of “classes” and church credits-ha!

  56. Oh man, I feel terrible feeling happy about sneaking out after the first block

  57. I was down for the yoga.

  58. I don’t believe this is humorous. It makes anything from the church non-credible. I do not appreciate this!

  59. Are you honest in your dealings with your fellow men

  60. Scared the crap out of me! Three hours is long enough but four hours… :/ Lol! 😉

  61. I am glad that some of you enjoyed the joke but I didn’t. I teach Gospel Doctrine and just love it! When I read the article, I was very disappointed to see that regular gospel classes are not listed. Yes, it sounds crazy but some things we just take seriously, like our Sunday church services.

  62. I have been in Primary for many years, which I love.
    However, for a short second, I was excited to be able to attend a Gospel Doctrine class.
    At this moment, it is not funny. Tomorrow, I’ll be over it.

  63. I’m going inactive! Lol!

  64. Not a funny joke.

  65. I’m going inactive ! Lol!

  66. I’m going inactive!…LOL!

  67. I want to take Manrichment.

  68. I was looking forward to this!

  69. Those who SAY they thought is wasn’t funny must be pulling an April Fool’s joke. 🙂 No one could be so pathetic as to not have a sense of humor.

  70. Almost had me…we are a day ahead Down Under and forgot it was April Fools there!!!

  71. I was looking forward to this!

  72. Brandon … jsut thought you should know … PETA is coming to get you for goldendoodle abuse.

  73. Funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time! Love it. Elder Youknowwho.

  74. The article is dated April 2. So I had no idea this was an April Fools joke until I read the comments. I don’t find it humorous. There’s so much misinformation out there already about the LDS Church. We don’t need to add this kind of bad taste humor to the pile.

  75. Diana Hoeberigs

    My brothers Stake President sent the link to him via email as a joke. When he phoned my mum and I excited about the impending changes I said that’s ridiculous! He then proceeded to counsel me until I said there’s no way I’m doing yoga up-side-down for anyone. I then told him to research it a bit better. There was silence for a few minutes, then the penny dropped! HAHAHAHAHA

  76. As a church member I think this was in very bad taste. The Sunday meetings are sacred where we learn of Jesus Christ and I felt this was poking fun at them.
    If this is a sample of the humour that may be sent to my E-mail I prefer not to receive them.

    • Sorry, Annie. Feel free to unsubscribe if you find the emails offensive. We run this website as a free service to anyone that wants a little daily dose of the spirit… and a smile. 😀

  77. Jennifer Simpson

    I read it and was thinking about becoming active again. It sounded like a great idea, and I really liked the out of the box thinking. Should have known that wasn’t real…bummer!

  78. Extremely thoughtful and well written article!
    This sort of creativity is absolutely necessary in our world today. So much of what passes as humor is just crass or demeaning. This article was great.
    I do challenge anyone who took this seriously to slow down in your lives.
    1) don’t you think this sort of announcement – had it been legitimate – would have come from none other than President Monson in conference THIS WEEKEND?!
    2) Did you honestly believe in the inclusion of yoga and Mormon folklore as part of a doctrine and spiritual based Sunday meetings, in addition to a 1 hr meal break (making church 5 hrs long)? Come on people, it doesn’t pass the dumb-check.
    My thanks and congratulations to Mr. Brandon Young for coming up with a great article.
    I look forward to the next one…

  79. Remember the Sabbath day to keep it Holy! I love the Mormon Mustang Video on the Mormon Channel. Oh… and L. Tom Perry’s 10 Commandments Video on! I love the Spirit that they bring so much!!! There is so much good out there and it’s amazing to have so much that is virtuous, lovely, or of good report, or praise worthy. Have an awesome day flying in the safe zone everyone!!!

  80. I remember when I was a kid, wondering why adults said it was okay to tell lies on that one day, and personally, I think lying in the name of the church, whatever day it is, is in really poor taste.

  81. I looked at the date as soon as I saw the headline. It definitely falls under the “Entertainment” category. Any change that big would be announced by the First Presidency, not Elder Escuela Domingo (translation: Elder Sunday School).

  82. I think whoever came up with this gets job security for life! And a trophy!

  83. Thanks for wasting precious time and energy

  84. James T. Robson, Sr.

    For all of the sad sacks, I was born on April Fools Day. How would you like to live with that joke for 75 years? Actually it has been fun. I guess I have felt special, with so many people noting , for whatever reason, my birthday is April 1st. This joke has been especially entertaining. I was fooled myself even though I was on guard throughout the day. Lighten up you negative people, life is so short. Enjoy wholesome fun wherever you can find it. Things will seem so much brighter.

  85. From one returned missionary from Spain to another, “Well-played Brandon, very well played.” My mother in law just called me to tell me the news. Church ball would’ve been a nice addition to the curriculum…

  86. Back in 1967 when my wife and I were married in the Cardston Temple and then lived in Prince George BC we had two meetings on Sunday and Primary on Wednesday. When I started reading this I was wondering if we were going back to that scenario. It worked but sure used up a lot more gas when travelling. Those were interesting times.

  87. You scared me at first, I was like, “Great why don’t I just camp out Saturday night and not leave until Monday morning?” LOL. Very funny Brandon, even though I do have a heart condition and nearly had a heart attack, it is all good. LOL

  88. hahahaha!….baaaaaaaahahahahahahahaaaaaaaa!!……aaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahaha!!!….HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!….baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

    All commentators, thank you for the good laugh. I needed it!

  89. As a member my entire life and just now finding my way back after 20 yrs of being inactive, I found many of the comments to be very offensive!!! This was a joke, something that obviously many lives need more of in their everyday life. To feel this was wrong or decitfull and deserving of excommunication???? Really people!!! It’s people like those that are saying such horrible things that caused me to walk away from church….hypocrites!!!!! Thank goodness I have such an amazing church family that have helped to to finally see these things and accept the faults of others!!
    Wtg, this was a great joke that had me for a good minute until I read about yoga!!! Thanks for a great laugh!!!

  90. In 1 Corinthians 13:11 we learn that the journey from childhood to manhood where we embrace not just Christ but his ways is a process. Until we all get there let us not forget to be patient and full of charity for all.

    In my personal studies I have been pondering Alma 5:26. I love this question and would love any comments about your ponderings on it too, as it builds so much good to share uplifting testimonies. Until then…

    Aloha my brothers and sisters!

  91. I think is a very badt taste humor. Using the name and programs of the church to make fun. I thought you were a serious site. You do not have my support anymore.

  92. Shame, shame on you. Totally immature and irresponsible. I will no longer support you for such nonsense.

  93. You got me really stressing and wondering what the Church had come to especially when we are told and told and told to KEEP THE SABBATH DAY HOLY, and EXERCISE IS NOT KEEPING IT HOLY.

    I would NEVER handle 4, it takes all my time and energy sometimes to just keep awake.

    We’ll see if it comes out, but I doubt they’d do this or anything like it when they say to KEEP THE SABBATH DAY HOLY. Exercise is NOT KEEPING IT HOLY.

  94. Awww cruel trick, guys. I was looking forward to getting in a yoga class without having to juggle my weekly schedule…. Sigh…

  95. Love this cannot wait to share this joke with kids

    Kind regards
    Benson Massey

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