November is a time of gratitude. We often reflect on the things that we have and love. It is important for us to be thankful and express gratitude. Check out this great family home evening lesson on Gratitude! Scripture: Psalms 92:1 Hymn: I am Glad for Many Things or For the Beauty of the Earth Lesson: I am Thankful for... or The History of Thanksgiving Treat: Sweet T.O.M. Turkeys or Easy as Pie! Activity: I'm Going to Thanksgiving Dinner or Turkey Drawings •View entire lesson...

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Everyone has different qualities and traits. With those different qualities and traits, the Lord has blessed each of us with different talents. Through our talents we can learn and grow. Check out this great family home evening lesson on talents! Scripture: D&C 82:18 Hymn: "Give," Said the Little Stream or More Holiness Give Me Lesson: Parable of the Talents or Matthew 25: 14-30 Treat: Goblin Feet or Funny Bones Activity: Family Talent Show or Family Band •View entire lesson...

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Thanksgiving (Gratitude)

Looking for a Thanksgiving family home evening lesson to get your family into the Spirit of Thanksgiving? Check out this great lesson on gratitude. Scripture: D&C 59:7 Hymn: “Count Your Many Blessings” Hymn 241 Lesson: A Second Thanksgiving Treat: Marshmallow Pilgrim Hats or Tepee Treats Activity: "Duck, Duck, Turkey!" or Turkey Hunt •View entire lesson...

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