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5 Awesome Updates to the Gospel Library App

5 Awesome Updates to the Gospel Library App

A new update to the official Gospel Library app, released today, provides members of the Church with multiple new features and functionality. Here are some of our favorites!

Highlight, Tag, & Annotate All Content

All of the content available on the Gospel Library app is now annotatable. That means you can highlight, link to, tag, and save anything into a specialized notebook. This includes scripture headings, hymns, lesson manuals, videos, and more. You’ll be able to study in an in-depth and interactive way.

Format Your Notes

In the Gospel Library app, you can create notebooks for all of your gospel studying. With the new update, you’ll now be able to format your notes in a variety of different ways. Make lists, headings, and use bold and italics to keep everything organized just as you like it.

New Recordings of Scriptures

A lot of new content has been added to the Gospel Library app, including new male and female audio recordings of the English scriptures. It makes listening to the scriptures easy no matter where you are. Also available? The new Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Gordon B. Hinckley manual for 2017.

Streamlined  iOS and Android Platforms

If you have to switch between mobile devices, no worries! The upgrade has streamlined the design and functionality of the Gospel Library app so no matter what device you are on, your experience will be the same. This greatly reduces the learning curve for people getting used to using the app as a constant study tool.

New Video Tutorials

If you don’t have the Gospel Library app , you can download it here. The new 4.0 version includes video tutorials that will help you make the most of all the new features. Even if you have the app and just need to upgrade it, make sure to watch the videos to check out all the new stuff you can do.

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