The Angels Among Us

There are angels among us. Elder Jeffrey R. Holland said, “From the beginning down through the dispensations, God has used angels as His emissaries in conveying love and concern for His children…Usually such beings are not seen. Sometimes they are. But seen or unseen they are always near. Sometimes their assignments are very grand and have significance for the whole world.”

Though we may not always be aware of the heavenly forces around us, there are angels within the very eyes we behold every day. These angels are you and I, and we often forget the powerful impact we can have on those around us and the help that is available to us. We cannot see because we are blind to the compassion that is in those around us. We don’t recognize the angels that are with us each and every day.ste_livingprophets_holland_15

James E. Faust said there is an “angelic cause of doing good.”

This ‘doing good’ can come in the form of love, mercy, and compassion. Or more specifically, it can be seen in little actions such as doing dishes, saying hello, smiling, or calling up an old friend. We can go to our angels in our hardest days and they reach out to us when we are not looking. We can take the form of an angel for others.

Even in the scriptures, in the JST of Genesis 19:15, it says, “And they were angry with Lot and came near to break the door, but the angels of God, which were holy men, put forth their hand and pulled Lot into the house unto them, and shut the door.”

The angels in this scripture were holy men. They protected Lot.

We can be angels like those men were, and like heavenly angels have been.

When we have charity towards our neighbors, or when we help others in need, we are acting as a type of ministering angel.

Elder Holland said, “When we speak of those who are instruments in the hand of God, we are reminded that not all angels are from the other side of the veil. Some of them we walk with and talk with—here, now, every day.”

When we act as angels, we act as Christ would, and aid God in His ministering of mortal man.

Those around us, or even we ourselves may feel alone. But heavenly angels, and the angels that walk among us are aids from God. We are not alone. We are together.

Elder Holland testified that, “God never leaves us alone, never leaves us unaided in the challenges that we face.”

Let us act as angels ourselves, just as Christ did.

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