"Because He Lives" Initiative Spreads Easter Message to Millions

“Because He Lives” Initiative Spreads Easter Message to Millions

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ latest initiative to spread hope through the teachings of Jesus Christ saw significant success this Easter.

The “Because He Lives” Easter video (which focused on the possibilities for all mankind thanks to Christ’s resurrection from the dead) has been viewed nearly 30 million times—more than five times the number of views from last year’s Easter initiative. This year’s video averaged 3.2 million views per day (including 88.5 views per second on Easter Sunday), compared with 930,000 views per day for the “He Is the Gift” 2014 Christmas initiative and 598,000 views per day for last year’s “Because of Him” Easter initiative.

"Because He Lives" Initiative Spreads Easter Message to Millions

On Easter Sunday, the initiative was showcased on the masthead of YouTube’s home page in nine countries (United States, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Japan and Italy), reaching 329 million people that day alone.

Consequently, this year’s video has had a wide non-English reach. The video was published in 21 languages, and the most-viewed versions include the following:

  • Spanish: 14.8 million.
  • Portuguese: 6.8 million
  • English: 6.5 million.
  • Japanese: 766,000
  • Italian: 670,000

Furthermore, more than 2 million people visited the HeLives.mormon.org landing page between March 27 and April 5, 2015.

The initiative also included social media content demonstrating the blessings available to everyone in their daily lives because of Christ. Those who shared online content were encouraged to use the #BecauseHeLives hashtag on social media channels.

Read more about the initiative.



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