Saturday, July 2, 2022
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Church Announces New Adoption Policy

LDS Family Services announced a groundbreaking new deal with the world’s largest adoption website, The details affect every LDS family that is considering adoption.

Last June, LDS Family Services made a big change: they announced they would no longer be working as an adoption agency. In the press releases attendant the change, LDS Family Services promised that there would be a solution to provide greater adoption opportunities for LDS Families.

That solution was announced this morning.

In an video email sent out this morning to couples and families on the LDS Family Services registry, the agency announced a new era for LDS adoptions, specifically, a powerful partnership with the world’s top adoption website, This popular adoption site now has a section specific to LDS couples that you can visit at

Basically, the Church has signed an agreement with where eligible Latter-day Saints couples will be able to use for free through the end of February 2016.”

In other words, for the next year, LDS couples looking to adopt can use the website–a subscription that usually costs $199/month per family–and the Church will pick up the tab. Following the February 2016 date, members can still use the service, but at a substantial discount.

It’s unlike anything the Church has done before. The change from an agency model was motivated by a desire to help a larger number of couple. With this new partnership, the Church will be able to give more families more exposure than they were ever able to before.

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