Church Launches "Because He Lives" Easter Campaign

Church Launches “Because He Lives” Easter Campaign

In recent years, the Church has put substantial effort into creating interactive, powerful campaigns to remember and share the good news of the Gospel at Easter and Christmas. This year’s official Easter campaign, Because He Lives, continues this moving tradition designed to strengthen members and non-members alike.


The Because He Lives campaign invites the world to discover, embrace, and share the life and love of Jesus Christ. A new portion of the website is specifically dedicated to the campaign and features numerous links for others to learn about Christ’s life, hear modern testimonies about what Christ’s life has meant, and effective ways to share what Christ means to you.

One of the most poignant features is an interactive timeline of Christ’s last week, providing details about what occurred and how it can relate to our own life.

Easter Week


The featured article in March’s Ensign and Liahona magazine, by Elder Russel M. Nelson, also features the campaign and offers great insights. Most importantly, the Church is asking members and non-members alike who believe in Jesus Christ to share the campaign through social media and the internet by using the hashtag #BecauseHeLives. The hashtag works on all social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. A fun feature is a printable map marker that you can download for free, then take a picture with to tell the world where you feel the influence of Christ.

We echo the Church’s call and invite all our readers throughout the next week and especially on Easter to use the campaign share something online about how Jesus Christ, and the fact that He lives, has influenced your life.

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