Church Releases Short Essay on Book of Mormon Geography

In a new Gospel Topics page on, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints clarifies its position on the potential geography of Book of Mormon lands. The short essay begins:

The Church takes no position on the specific geographic location of Book of Mormon events in the ancient Americas. Church members are asked not to teach theories about Book of Mormon geography in Church settings but to focus instead on the Book of Mormon’s teachings and testimony of Jesus Christ and His gospel.

The essay notes the Prophet Joseph Smith “accepted what he felt was evidence of Book of Mormon civilizations in both North America and Central America” and gave examples of his teachings, including finding bones while traveling with Zion’s Camp in 1834.

It ends with this quote from President Russell M. Nelson:

“Interesting as these matters may be, study of the Book of Mormon is most rewarding when one focuses on its primary purpose—to testify of Jesus Christ. By comparison, all other issues are incidental.”

The video below provides a brief overview of the Book of Mormon.


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