Church Responds to Legalization of Medical Marijuana in Utah

Church Responds to Legalization of Medical Marijuana in Utah

Yesterday, Utah voters to have medical marijuana legalized in the state, passing Proposition 2 at the polls.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, along with other medical experts, law enforcement, and clergy members, opposed Proposition 2 on the basis that it did not provide enough “proper controls” to regulate the use medical marijuana. In a statement in August, the Church stated:

“The marijuana initiative appearing as Proposition 2 on the ballot this November does not strike the appropriate balance in ensuring safe and reasonable access for patients while also protecting youth and preventing other societal harms.”

Marty Stephens, Director of Community and Government Relations for the Church, issued the following statement after the initiative passed:

“Following the Savior Jesus Christ, relieving human pain and suffering, while protecting children, truly is at the heart of our interest in this matter. We were pleased to come together with the Utah Medical Association and other members of the community to help create a more effective medical cannabis program, which includes avoiding the negative consequences that have manifest in other states. Our expectation is that prompt legislative action will address the shortfalls of the initiative which have been acknowledged by advocates of Proposition 2. The legislative alternative is better public policy and has broad support among Utahns.”

Proposition 2 passed with 53% of the vote in Utah. You can read the full text of Proposition 2, also known as the Utah Medical Cannabis Act, here.

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