"Doctrinal Mastery" to Replace "Scripture Mastery" Program

“Doctrinal Mastery” to Replace “Scripture Mastery” Program

Big changes are coming to the LDS Church’s seminary program.

After years of using Scripture Mastery to help students memorize and internalize scriptures, a new initiative is currently being rolled out to replace the program. Known as Doctrinal Mastery, the curriculum features ten doctrinal points which students will learn as they study the scriptures, review case studies, and respond to difficult questions. The points will correlate with the book of scriptures students are studying for that year.

According to Deseret News, Elder M. Russell Ballard announced the change during a recent broadcast and training to seminary and institute personnel.

“More than any time in our history, your students also need to be blessed by learning doctrinal or historical content and context by study and faith accompanied by pure testimony so they can experience a mature and lasting conversion to the gospel and a lifelong commitment to Jesus Christ,” Elder Ballard said.

Training will begin this June and the program will continue to be implemented throughout the rest of the year.



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