Elder and Sister Gong Diagnosed with COVID-19

Elder and Sister Gong Diagnosed with COVID-19

The following statement has been issued by Church spokesman Eric Hawkins:

As shared in General Conference this weekend, Elder Gerrit W. Gong was recently exposed to COVID-19 and did not participate in conference in person. He and Sister Gong have now tested positive for the virus. Their condition is mild, but they are being cautious and their health is being carefully monitored by doctors. The Church will follow all appropriate health protocols for contact tracing and will continue to follow health guidelines for this virus to protect Church leaders, including self-isolation, as appropriate. We continue to encourage all Church members to take steps to protect themselves and one another during this global pandemic. 

Recently, Elder Gong shared the following thoughts on social media about the pandemic.

One of the things which has been most tender to me about this unique time is that I have experienced this season in a different way this year. Because I have not been traveling on Church assignments, I have learned to garden with my wife. When I am in the garden with her, I grow in love for gardens and for her. I’ve gotten to smell the flowers and hear the birds in a different way.
There is so much for each of us to learn and experience in situations like this. Many of us have learned to use technology in new ways to communicate with others. There are new patterns, new ways to think about what it means to be connected. I hope we will remember the lessons we had here and will remember to cherish the time we had together and the time not rushing around.
I testify that the Father and the Son are in the details of our lives. Sometimes we may feel alone, lost, isolated, or separate, but we are not. We should always remember our Lord Jesus Christ knows us. He loves us. And we are never lost to Him. He is aware of us in the darkest hours and in the brightest days. With His help, we can truly learn to bloom where we are planted.



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