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Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf Shares Selfie With Important Message

Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf Shares Selfie With Important Message

“I never thought the unification of Germany would come during my lifetime,” Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf wrote in a message on social media. “I did have hope that perhaps my grandchildren or great-grandchildren would live to see it happen. I was nearly 50 years old when it finally fell.”

Elder Uchtdorf shared his feelings and memories after a recent trip to Berlin, Germany. Included in the post was a personal selfie just near the Berlin Wall, a generally unusual thing for an Apostle to share. While taking a walk through the city by himself, Elder Uchtdorf came up on the Berlin Wall Memorial and wanted to share some of his feelings as a native German and refugee during and after World War II. Through his recollections, Elder Uchtdorf shared a powerful testimony of the Lord’s awareness and power.

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“At the time, it felt like everything happened quickly—all of a sudden, the wall came down and Germany was unified. The event that I had long hoped for was now playing out in front of my eyes.

This experience taught me a valuable lesson about how the Lord can accomplish His works in His time and in His ways that go well beyond our mortal understanding.

We cannot see the future or know how things will happen in our lives. Sometimes changes come due to grand events, but more often, a pattern of consistently following the Savior leads us to destinations at which we never knew we could arrive.

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There is great power in taking small steps every day. Sometimes we just have to have faith and take one step a time, day after day, trusting the Lord that all will be well.

Be lovingly persistent and stand up with humble courage for the Lord’s cause. In His time, great things will come to pass.

I keep this small piece of the Berlin Wall in my office to remind me of that important lesson in my life.”

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