Elder Sitati Addresses Race, Self-Reliance and Church Growth in Africa

Elder Sitati Addresses Race, Church Growth in Africa


In a blog post from Mormon Newsroom highlighting his visit to the “Black, White and Mormon” conference at the University of Utah, Elder Joseph W. Sitati of the Seventy discussed race and the growth of the Church in Africa.

“Most active adult African Saints who have joined the Church since [the revelation on priesthood for all male members] know that this is a reality of the past, and have found individual answers in the restored gospel of the plan of happiness that give them understanding and peace regarding the unfolding events of the gathering of the Saints in these last days. Those who have found answers choose to look forward to the future with faith and assurance that all things are before the Eternal Father, that His justice is to all men and that His redeeming love and mercy are extended to all who turn to Him with full purpose of heart,” Sitati said.

You can read more about his visit at Mormon Newsroom.

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