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Highlights from Elder Oaks and Elder Ballard’s Face to Face with Young Single Adults

Elder Dallin H. Oaks and Elder M. Russell Ballard, both of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, were the featured guests Sunday night in a live 90-minute Face to Face broadcast. The event was broadcast worldwide from the campus of Utah State University in Logan, Utah.

Over 4,000 questions were submitted by young adults around the world in preparation for this event. Questions chosen for the broadcast touched on how to gain knowledge of spiritual truth, how to deal with anxiety, how the Church is fostering historical transparency and many other topics.

The apostles answered questions from young adults around the world, including Peru, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Uganda, and the United States.

In response to questions from Brazil and New York about same-sex attraction, Elder Ballard said the following. “We have to be cautious and willing to listen. We have to be willing to talk to one another about this issue. Those who have same-gender attraction are God’s children. He loves them. There is a place for them in the Church and for all of our Father’s children, regardless of what their circumstances may be. The Church is a place of refuge, to come and find peace and answers to life’s questions.”

This was the second Face to Face broadcast for young adults aged 18 to 20. The first event was held in March 2016 with Elder Jeffrey R. Holland. Many other Face to Face broadcasts have been held for teenagers, including one earlier this year in Ghana with Dale G. Renlund and his wife, Ruth.

Watch the full broadcast from Logan, Utah below.

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