Saturday, July 2, 2022
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Historic Kirtland Nativity Exhibit

Hundreds of Nativities Displayed at Historic Kirtland

All of the hundreds of nativities displayed at Historic Kirtland depict the same Christmas story — the birth in a manger of the baby Jesus, surrounded by Mary and Joseph. Sometimes the Wise Men are part of the scene and lambs, a camel and a donkey also are sometimes present.

In some cases the key characters are different, but they represent the classic story. Rubber duckies, snowmen, kittens, bullet casings, and Native American fetish bears portray the nativity scene in some nativities on display.

“Unto Us A Son is Given,” the 12th annual exhibit featuring more than 600 nativity scenes is now open at the Historic Kirtland Visitors’ Center, 7800 Kirtland Chardon Rd. in Kirtland. The exhibit has been recognized by the American Bus Association as one of the “Top 100 Events in North America.” It is presented annually by volunteers of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints of the Kirtland, Ohio Stake.

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