LDS Church Launches Brand New Media App

LDS Church Launches Brand New Media App

Some of the most powerful resources provided by the Church are in the form of pictures, videos, music, and more. Now, a brand new app allows you to utilize the Church’s vast media library like never before.

Available today, you can download the app for free and use it for both personal and Church use. You can get it for both Android and Apple devices. Play music for Family Home Evening without a piano. Trim and present videos in your Sunday School class. Have inspiration for the random missionary moment. Be uplifted wherever you go. And this is just the beginning.

How It Works

Once you find the content you want to use, made easy by simple-to-use filters and search tools, you add it to one of your designated playlists. This automatically begins the download process. Because the content is downloaded, you don’t need a WiFi or internet connection to use your media. You no longer have to worry about buffering or connectivity issues. You can add and remove things from your playlists with the touch of a finger.

Presenter Mode

Much of the new app is designed with teachers in mind. You can trim videos and songs to play and present the portions you want to highlight in your class. You can also combine multiple clips to form a unique segment personalized to your lesson. Add presenter notes and cast your presentation from your device to a larger screen.

What’s Coming Next

More great plans are in store for this app. Coming soon, you’ll be able to create slides with text and add your own personal media from your camera to the app.

Get the App

Don’t miss out on this amazing new app. Click here to download it and learn more.



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