LDS Church Leaders Mourn Reported Deaths in Mormon LGBT Community

LDS Church Leaders Mourn Reported Deaths in Mormon LGBT Community

An article posted by Deseret News highlighted an official response from the Church in regards to deaths among young members in the LGBQT community.

Dan Jones, a spokesman for the Church, said, “Every soul is precious to God and to the church and the loss of life to suicide is heartbreaking. Those who are attracted to others of the same sex face particular challenges and pressures in this regard, both inside and outside the church. We mourn with their families and friends when they feel life no longer offers hope. Each congregation should welcome everyone. Leaders and members are taught to follow the example of Jesus Christ and to reach out in an active, caring way to all, especially to youth who feel estranged or isolated. The church has repeatedly stated that those who feel same-sex attraction and yet choose to live the commandments of God can live fulfilling lives as worthy members of the church. We want all to enjoy the blessings and safety offered by embracing the teachings of Jesus Christ and living the principles of His gospel.”

The statement comes as a response to a report from Wendy Montgomery, co-founder of a group of LDS mothers with gay children, who had been told 32 LGBQT youth have died by suicide since November. This number came from families who wanted to remain private.

Deseret News, along with the response, talked with multiple leading experts for insights to help members love and care for their LGBQT brothers and sisters. Read the full article by clicking here.




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