LDS Church Releases Comment on 2nd Annual LoveLoud Festival

LDS Church Releases Comment on 2nd Annual LoveLoud Festival

In a statement released to Desert News, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints addressed Dan Reynold’s upcoming LoveLoud Festival in Utah.

“We remain committed to support community efforts throughout the world to prevent suicide, bullying and homelessness,” the statement read. “Every young person should feel loved and cared for in their families, their communities and their congregations. We can come together, bringing our perspectives and beliefs, and make each community a safe place for all.

“God’s message is one of hope and we want our LGBT brothers and sisters to know that they are loved, valued and needed in his church.”

Reynolds, the front man for the mega-hit band Imagine Dragons, started the LoveLoud Festival last year as “a catalyst to bring communities and families together to help ignite the vital conversation about what it means to unconditionally love our LGBTQ+ youth.

LOVELOUD offers hope to young people, letting them know they’re not alone and encouraging acceptance in the home and community.”

This year, the festival hopes to raise $1 million dollars to donate to local and national LGBTQ+ nonprofits and charities. The festival will feature performances by Imagine Dragons, Zedd, Mike Shinoda, and Grace Vanderwaal, among others. You can learn more about the festival here.

In a video on the site, multiple LDS personalities, including David Archuleta, Lindsey Stirling, and James Curran share their support for LGBTQ+ youth who may be struggling.


You can learn more about the Church’s official stance on LGBTQ+ issues here.

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