Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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LDS Church Weighs in on Obama’s Transgender Directive

President Barack Obama’s administration recently released a series of directives which included telling public schools to allow transgender students to use the bathroom which matches their gender identity, regardless of what their birth certificate says. The letter, issued from the Departments of Justice and Education, comes in the midst of a heated debate over policies for transgender citizens in public sectors, especially when it comes the bathrooms they use.

Official Church spokesman Eric Hawkins said in a statement Tuesday that the Church is not taking a hard stance for or against the new directives. Church leaders called on public officials to create laws and policies that balance safety, privacy, and dignity for all, believing “people of goodwill” can work together to find answers.

He reaffirmed the Church’s stance that gender is a part of a person’s “eternal God-given identity and purpose” and baptisms are not performed for those planning on transgender operations. Those who do have such operations may also be subject to Church disciplinary action.


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