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Major Changes to Preach My Gospel's Key Indicators Announced

Major Changes to Preach My Gospel’s Key Indicators Announced

Since 2004, Preach My Gospel: A Guide to Missionary Work has been the standard curriculum for Latter-day Saints looking to share their faith with others.

Primarily used by set-apart LDS missionaries and mission presidents, Preach My Gospel has experienced few revisions over the years. Today, the First Presidency announced changes had been made to reflect “recent direction from Church leaders…and changes to the missionary program over the past 14 years.”

Most of the changes are small, such as changing the wording about visiting and teaching to reflect the new ministering program, but one change stands out above the rest.

Key indicators are used by missionaries to report and measure progress in helping others “come unto Christ.” Each day, missionaries keep track of their key indicators, plan for them, and report them to their missionary leaders. Originally, the key indicators were as follows:

  • Investigators baptized and confirmed
  • Investigators with a baptismal date
  • Investigators who attend sacrament meeting
  • Lessons taught to investigators with a member present
  • Other lessons taught
  • Progressing investigators
  • Referrals received and contacted
  • New investigators
  • Lessons taught to recent converts and less-active members

These nine key indicators have been cut down to only four. The wording has also been changed. The key indicators are now:

  • People baptized and confirmed
  • People with a baptismal date
  • People who attend sacrament meeting
  • New people being taught

All of the changes to Preach My Gospel are available online through the Gospel Library App and In-print changes are occurring now, with certain languages being rolled out throughout 2018 and 2019 as the translations are completed.

In their letter announcing the changes, the First Presidency said utilizing Preach My Gospel will “help members and missionaries better learn and teach the doctrine of Christ’s gospel, answer gospel questions, foster unity between members and full-time missionaries, and strengthen conversion.”

You can learn more about LDS missionaries here. 


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