Mormon Channel’s New Series, 12 Steps to Change, Will Change Everything You Know About Addiction

A new video series from Mormon Channel detailing twelve true stories of addiction has the potential to change the way you view the subject, if you are willing to listen.

The series, 12 Steps to Change, invites us all to make the courageous choice to look squarely at addiction and find hope in recovery. As the text in the trailer poignantly states, “You can judge them…you can ignore them…or you can listen to them.”

Created in support of National Addiction Recovery Month, the series will be released in twelve parts. Each video will share one person’s experience with one of the twelve steps in the addiction recovery program. The videos will combine raw interviews with powerful reenactments. While the series is designed to be an honest look at what addiction is, the tagline for the series also highlight’s the focus of hope: “Addiction is real. So is recovery.”

Todd Daley, director of Mormon Channel explains, “We understand there are tough challenges that families face when dealing with addiction, and we wanted to make sure we shared real stories of hope and recovery. Change is possible. These stories will inspire you no matter your circumstance.”

The series is set to premiere on September 1, 2015 on Mormon Channel’s official website. A new video will be released each day after that. Mormon Channel is also encouraging viewers to share their own stories. As their website states, “It’s time for a conversation about the reality of addiction and the power of recovery.”

Viewers can share their “experiences, frustrations, and most importantly, hope” by using the hashtag #12StepsToChange on social media.

“We want people to watch the videos,” says Daley, “but we don’t want it to stop there. The goal is to get more people talking about this, so individuals and families fighting addiction can feel like they have the support they need wherever they are in the recovery process.”

To learn more about 12 Steps to Change, click here and don’t forget to visit the site on September 1 and each day after that for the full series.

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