New Photos from Salt Lake Temple Renovation

New Photos from Salt Lake Temple Renovation

The Church Newsroom provided an update on the Salt Lake Temple renovation project, which began in December 2019. Crews are currently preparing for the construction of the tunnel that will run underneath North Temple from the Conference Center parking structure to the future underground entrance to the temple. This involves drilling canopy tubes that form shoring support.

Near the southwest corner of the temple, shoring and excavation are complete for the installation of a worker/material lift. Due to the proximity to the foundation of the temple, the shoring ensures the lift excavation does not disturb the temple foundation. The lift will allow for easier access of workers and materials into the interior of the temple’s upper floors.

The stones along the upper walls of the temple are all being removed. As they are lifted off with a crane and placed in the ground, they are labeled. These will be placed in storage, cleaned, and repaired, and will ultimately return to their original places.



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