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New Pocket Version of FSY Guide Proves Great Things Come in Small Packages

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Twelve-year-old New Zealander Summer is looking forward to getting her copy of the March 2024 special issue of the “For the Strength of Youth” (FSY) magazine, published by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Summer has heard that this month’s edition will feature articles and other resources to help teenagers make better choices.

One resource is a new pocket edition of the “For the Strength of Youth: A Guide for Making Choices” booklet— a preview copy of which she was given this week.

Summer enjoys a lot of things, like sports and the beach. But she says she is very excited about having helpful principles and guides in her pocket, to help her make good choices every day.

The special March issue of For the Strength of Youth magazine, themed, “Jesus Christ is the Strength of Youth,” is designed to empower young individuals like Summer to deepen their understanding of Christ’s role in their lives.

Accompanying this edition is the compact pocket version of the FSY Guide, intended to serve as a practical tool for navigating life’s challenges and making righteous choices.

When asked about her impressions of the pocket guide, Summer said, “It’s nice and short, so you can remember stuff more easily and get the main message quicker. I think it makes it easy for me to remember how Jesus Christ wants me to think and act.”

Local Church leaders have received guidance on how to distribute these materials in a manner that fosters a sense of inclusion and importance for each youth recipient. Suggestions include holding activities centered around the theme of “How Jesus Christ is the Strength of Youth,” as well as follow-up gatherings to discuss the practical application of the magazine and guidebook.

Along with Church leaders, parents are also encouraged to participate in learning these small, yet powerful truths with their children.

Summer’s father, Jeremy, discussed his experience with the pocket guide. “It was actually really interesting to hear my daughter share her thoughts about the condensed version,” Jeremy recalls.

“I have to agree with her about how the new version makes the core principles really ‘bite-sized’ and easy to take in. I think it’s beautifully laid out, and just gets to the point: Follow Christ by keeping His commandments and taking care of yourself and others.”

Summer says she and her friends are looking forward to the discussions, activities and insights that will stem from the arrival of these valuable resources.

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