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October 2022 General Conference Recap – Saturday Afternoon Session

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Are you looking for talk summaries, quotes, or a recap of the October 2022 General Conference? Here is our recap of the Saturday Afternoon Session.

Sustaining of Leaders

Conducted by President Henry B. Eyring, General Authorities and Area Seventies were presented to the body of the Church and sustained. This included six new Area Seventies and the release of multiple Seventies who were granted Emeritus status. Those released are:

  • Elder Weatherford T. Clayton
  • Elder LeGrand R. Curtis Jr.
  • Elder Randy D. Funk
  • Elder Christoffel Golden
  • Elder Walter F. Gonzalez
  • Elder Larry S. Kacher
  • Elder Lynn G. Robbins
  • Elder Joseph W. Sitati

President M. Russell Ballard

President Ballard reflected on his early pioneer history as he illustrated the hope we can find in Jesus Christ. When his ancestor Henry Ballard entered the Salt Lake Valley, he hid behind bushes because his clothes were so torn they didn’t cover his body.

“There is hope in the Lord Jesus Christ,” he said. “There is hope for all in this life. There is hope to overcome our mistakes our sorrows our struggles and our trials and our troubles. There is hope in repentance and being forgiven and forgiving others. I testify that there is hope and peace in Christ. He can carry us today through difficult times.” 

President Ballard helped us understand how to have faith in every footstep, sharing the example of Joseph Smith, President Russell M. Nelson, and missionaries today. He reiterated the call for missionary service. “Our missionaries today are modern-day pioneers because they share the glorious message with people around the world.”

Ultimately, Christ is our ultimate example of having faith and moving forward. “Our Savior Jesus Christ is the ultimate pioneer in preparing the way. Indeed, He is the way for the plan of salvation to be accomplished so that we can repent, and through faith in Him return to our Heavenly Father.”

Sister Kristen M. Yee

Sister Yee opened her address by sharing the story of Abigail from the Bible. Abigail was the wife of Nabal, a man who scorned David. When she learned what her husband had done, she went and offered all the provisions David had requested of Nabal and asked that his sins be upon her. She interceded on Nabal’s behalf. Sister Yee taught us how Abigail’s actions are an example of what the Savior has done for us.

“On the path of forgiveness, Jesus Christ’s atoning power can flow into our lives and begin to heal the deep crevasses of the heart and soul,” she said. Sister Yee shared how her father had mistreated her in her youth and how she sought the Savior’s help to forgive. “As my love for the Savior has grown, so has my desire to replace hurt and anger with His healing balm.”

Elder Paul V. Johnson

Elder Johnson shared the story of his young grandson Aaron who needed a bone marrow transplant from his brother Maxwell. Aaron couldn’t overcome the disease, and no matter what he personally did, he could not heal his bone marrow. We cannot save ourselves. Elder Johnson said, “I would like to focus today on the permanent, life-giving change that occurs as we allow the Lord to work miracles in us.”

His remarks focused on how we can rely on God to achieve perfection through Christ alone, ultimately becoming like Him. “We are children of God with a majestic destiny,” he said. “We can be changed to become like him and have a fullness of joy.”

Elder Ulisses Soares

During the early years of their marriage, Elder Soares bought his wife a piano as a surprise gift. Though she loved the gift, they realized after counseling together that it was too great an expense. Elder Soares used this example to illustrate the necessity for there to be a full partnership between men and women, especially in a marriage.

“Although each possesses specific attributes and divinely appointed responsibilities, woman and man fill equally relevant and essential roles in God’s plan of happiness for His children,” he said. In marriages, both are responsible for aspects of nurturing and presiding. “Nurturing and presiding are interrelated and overlapping responsibilities, which means that mothers and fathers are obligated to help one another as equal partners and share a balanced leadership in their home.”

Elder James W. McConkie III

As he served as a mission president alongside his family, Elder McConkie sought to see Jesus for who He really was and is. They spent extended time with Jesus, reading, discussing, considering, and learning. Elder McConkie shared the scriptural account of a man stricken with palsy who had four friends who broke the roof so he might gain access to Christ. We learn three things from these friends.

  1. When we try to help someone we love come unto Christ, we can do so with confidence that He has the capacity to lift the burden of sin and to forgive.
  2. When we bring physical, emotional, or other illnesses to Christ, we can do so knowing He has the power to heal and comfort
  3. When we make effort … to bring others to Christ, we can do so with certainty that He sees our true intentions and will appropriately honor them.

Elder Jorge F. Zeballos

Elder Zeballos is a civil engineer and shared some examples of how the gospel relates to that field. He told the story of when he was in school and a professor taught them how to make a structure seismic resistant. We have the Plan of Salvation to help prevent us from collapsing during the trials of life. “How blessed we are to count on a knowledge of the Plan of Salvation created with our Heavenly Father, to have the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to rely on the inspired direction of living prophets,” he said. “What is truly relevant is that for having followed the divinely designed plans and specifications, that is, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we are still standing.”

He shared the account of Christ being tempted in the wilderness and what it teaches us about being resistant to sin and the adversary. “What made Jesus emerge triumphant from those most difficult moments was His spiritual preparation, which permitted Him to be in a condition to resist the temptations of the Adversary.”

Elder D. Todd Christofferson

Elder Christofferson spoke on the doctrine of belonging in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He taught this doctrine in three parts:

  1. The role of belonging in gathering the Lord’s covenant people
  2. The importance of service and sacrifice in belonging
  3. The centrality of Jesus Christ to belonging

He spoke out against racism, saying, “We should be diligent in rooting prejudice and discrimination out of the Church, out of our homes, and most of all out of our hearts. We need one another.”

He also taught, ‘”The church is the custodian of the covenants of salvation and exaltation that God offers us through the ordinances of the Holy Priesthood. It is by keeping these covenants that we obtain the highest and deepest sense of belonging.”

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