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October 2022 General Conference Recap – Sunday Afternoon Session

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Are you looking for talk summaries, quotes, or a recap of the October 2022 General Conference? Here is our recap of the Sunday Afternoon Session.

President Henry B. Eyring

President Eyring opened the session by discussing the “legacy of encouragement” his mother left behind. “I see how that gift of charity, the pure love of Christ, strengthened, guided, sustained and changed my mother in the struggle on her way home.”

This legacy was also left by Mormon in the Book of Mormon. Mormon, through his words, taught of meekness and dependence on God. He strengthened his brethren by teaching that “faith and meekness would build their assurance and confidence.”

He spoke of his wife’s emulating example as well. “We have been married for 60 years. It is because of that experience that I now understand the meaning of these scriptural words: faith, hope, meekness, enduring, seeking not our own, rejoicing in the truth, not thinking evil and, above all, charity.”

Elder Ryan K. Olsen

Elder Olsen said, “In our relationship with the Savior, he looks on the heart and is no respecter of persons. Consider how he chose his apostles. He didn’t pay attention to status or wealth.”

Elder Olsen focused his remarks on examples of how a focus on Jesus Christ can provide answers throughout life. “The answer to the simplest questions and to the most complex problems is always the same. The answer is Jesus Christ. Every solution is found in him.”

Elder Jonathan S. Schmitt

Elder Schmitt began telling an experience about how, in preparation for the sacrament, he thought about which names of Christ. His talk focused on the blessings and power of knowing Christ by His many names. “Just as Jesus knows each of us by name, one way we can come to better know Jesus is by learning his many names.”

He shared five names and titles that have an application to each of us.

  1. Jesus is “The Good Shepherd.”
  2. Jesus is “The High Priest of Good Things to Come.”
  3. Jesus is “The Same, Yesterday, Today, and Forever.”
  4. Jesus is “The Holy One of Israel.”
  5. Jesus is “Faithful and True.”

Jesus wants us to know Him because His name is the only name under heaven whereby we can be saved.

Elder Mark D. Eddy

Elder Eddy spoke about how the power of the word of God can combat many of the trials and struggles we face today. He shared multiple scriptural examples of how God’s word changed lives, including the missionary experiences of Alma and Ammon. Elder Eddy said, “Throughout scriptures, we read of miraculous blessings poured out upon those who have chosen to try the virtue of the word of God in their lives.”

“Are you seeking to cut through all the cunning and the snares and the wiles of the devil so prevalent in the philosophies of our day?” Elder Eddy asked. “Does your soul ache for illumination? If so, please try the virtue of the word of God.”

Elder Gary E. Stevenson

Elder Stevenson shared some examples of times when he shared his testimony and how he often experience embarrassment in his youth. However, he learned how to be proud of his faith. He invited us to consider these four questions.

  1. Do I understand what a testimony is?
  2. Do I know how to bear my testimony?
  3. What are the obstacles in sharing my testimony?
  4. How do I keep my testimony?

He shared five key truths of a testimony.

  1. God is your Heavenly Father and you are his child.
  2. Jesus Christ lives. He is the son of the living god and your Savior.
  3. Joseph Smith is a prophet of God, called to restore the Church of Jesus Christ.
  4. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is God’s restored Church on the earth.
  5. The Church of Jesus Christ is led by a living prophet today.

“Your testimony is a most precious possession, often associated with deep spiritual feelings,” he said. These feelings are usually communicated quietly and described as a still small voice.”

Elder Isaac K. Morrison

Elder Morrison shared a personal story of how he and his wife were unable to have the large family they dreamed of, requiring them to change their expectations. Then, their youngest son died tragically. However, the principles in the Family Proclamation helped them through the experience.

“Though we knew Kenneth would be part of our family eternally, I found myself questioning why God would let this tragedy happen to me when I was doing all I could to magnify my calling,” he said. “While some challenges may come because of willful disobedience, we know that many of life’s challenges come because of other reasons. “Whatever the source of our challenges, they can be a golden opportunity to grow.”

He also said, “The more I cheerfully respond to difficult circumstances with faith in the Lord, the more I grow in my discipleship.”

Elder Quentin L. Cook

Elder Cook said, “We each need a personal testimony of God’s work and the seminal role of Jesus Christ. We cannot obtain the Celestial Kingdom and live with God the Father on borrowed light; we need our own testimony of Jesus Christ and His gospel.”

One of the great harms to our testimonies is anger and abuse. “Please make up your mind that regardless of whether your parents did or did not abuse you, you will not physically or verbally, or emotionally abuse your spouse or children,” Elder Cook said. Another aspect of protecting our testimonies is to live pure, moral lives.

President Russell M. Nelson

President Nelson announced eighteen new temples. Read all about them here!

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