President Russell M. Nelson Addresses Same-Sex Policy Change in Worldwide Devotional

President Russell M. Nelson Addresses Same-Sex Policy Change in Worldwide Devotional

As part of his worldwide address to young adults last night, President Russell M. Nelson spoke candidly about the recent policy changes concerning same-sex marriage.

When encouraging the audience to earnestly seek heavenly direction, President Nelson cited the “prophetic process” that occurs between the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles when making “weighty matters” and noted he often wakes up in the middle of the night to listen to the Lord as he wrestles with the issue at hand.

President Nelson’s said, “Filled with compassion for all, and especially for the children, we wrestled at length to understand the Lord’s will in this matter. Ever mindful of God’s plan of salvation and of His hope for eternal life for each of His children, we considered countless permutations and combinations of possible scenarios that could arise. We met repeatedly in the temple in fasting and prayer and sought further direction and inspiration.

“And then, when the Lord inspired His prophet, President Thomas S. Monson, to declare the mind of the Lord and the will of the Lord, each of us during that sacred moment felt a spiritual confirmation. It was our privilege as Apostles to sustain what had been revealed to President Monson. Revelation from the Lord to His servants is a sacred process. And so is your privilege of receiving personal revelation.”

President Nelson spoke specifically on the topic of becoming a “true millennial” and offered up four suggestions on how young adults can do so. The first was to learn who you really are, the second was to expect and prepare to accomplish the impossible, the third was to learn how to access the power of heaven and the fourth was to follow the prophets. Sister Wendy Nelson also spoke and challenged young adults to strive to become who they were meant to be; a specific challenge was to read the scriptures every day for 30 days and reading each day until your specific question for that day was answered.

You can watch the entire devotional here.



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