'Saints' Volume Two to Be Released in February 2020

‘Saints’ Volume Two to Be Released in February 2020

The much-anticipated release of the second volume in the ‘Saints’ series has been announced. The entire volume, entitled No Unhallowed Hand, will be published digitally and in print in February 2020.

The first chapter is currently available online through the Church’s official website, with a new chapter set to be released each month until the official publication date.

In volume two, with mobs threatening to drive them from their homes, thousands of Latter-day Saints flee Nauvoo, their gathering place for the past seven years. Following Brigham Young and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, they travel west across prairie and plain, trusting in God to prepare a home for them beyond the towering peaks of the Rocky Mountains.

Finding a new home is only the beginning of their story. In their quest to serve God and build Zion, the exiled Saints struggle against new obstacles and greater persecutions. Stalwart women and men work together to forge communities where the faithful can gather near temples established for the glory of God and the redemption of the living and the dead. At the same time, hundreds of missionaries journey to distant lands to invite others to come to Christ and help establish Zion.

Hundreds of thousands have enjoyed volume one, The Standard of Truth (published in September 2018). Some 340,000 copies of that volume have been sold, and 834,000 individuals have read or are reading it online. The first volume tells the story of the Restoration, beginning in 1815 with Joseph Smith’s childhood, and concludes with Latter-day Saints worshipping in the Nauvoo Temple in 1846.

‘Saints’ is expected to be a four-volume series detailing the history of Latter-day Saints in a fast-paced, yet meticulously researched literary approach. The series is written under the direction of the First Presidency.

Read the first chapter in volume two, No Unhallowed Hand, here.

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