Thanks to "Sweep the Earth," Sharing Goodness Just Got Easier

Thanks to “Sweep the Earth,” Sharing Goodness Just Got Easier

“I exhort you to sweep the Earth with messages filled with righteousness and truth — messages that are authentic, edifying, and praiseworthy — and literally to sweep the Earth as with a flood.”

With these words, Elder David A. Bednar started a powerful initiative that has taken root across all social media platforms. Now, a new website is aiming to make sharing gospel messages online an easy and enjoyable process.

Sweep the Earth was created by Tiafau Purcell and Colton Malone in November 2014 and is “a place for members of the LDS community to find and share positive messages.”

How does it work? Sweep the Earth is a powerful image database that categorizes quotes from Church leaders by topic and author. When you find an image you want to share, you click on it to see the full-sized image, the quote in text, the author, the source, and the category. Right now, you can click the share button to send the image directly to your Facebook or Pinterest account. You can also save the image to share on Instagram or another site.

If you want to try your hand at creating images from your favorite quotes, there is also a button where you can submit a quote of your own to be entered into the database.

As part of their mission statement, Purcell and Malone said, “We believe social media is one of these tools the Lord has provided to spread His gospel. Because of social media, one person can make a significant change.”

Are you ready to help be the change? Visit Sweep the Earth and find your favorite image today!

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