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The Church of Jesus Christ Will Create a New Missionary Training Center in Thailand

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To help accommodate the training of new full-time missionaries who are from Southeast Asia and other regions, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will open a missionary training center (MTC) in Bangkok, Thailand, effective January 2024. The Thailand MTC will be in the annex of the new complex surrounding Bangkok’s house of the Lord, which opened in October.

The Church’s 10 missionary training centers provide initial training to new missionaries as they begin their assignments, including language training for those assigned to teach in a language other than their own.

Learn more about MTCs around the world.

A missionary’s first stop is one of the Church’s missionary training centers, where they spend three to nine weeks in training (those not learning a foreign language stay at an MTC for up to three weeks) before departing for one of the Church’s missions.

Missionaries generally arrive at an MTC with a foundation of religious knowledge gained from years of instruction at home and church. Many Latter-day Saint families study the Bible and other books of scripture together daily. Many youth also attend weekly high school and college religion courses the Church offers. And on top of this are weekly Latter-day Saint worship services, held on Sundays for two consecutive hours.

São Paulo, Brazil

Brazil Missionary Training Center
Areas served: Brazil, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Angola, South America South, Central America, Mexico, Japan, Portugal
Training language: Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese

Preston, England

Areas served: Europe, Europe East
Training languages: English, English as a Second Language, French, German, Greek, Russian

Accra, Ghana

Ghana Missionary Training Center Resumes In-Person Training
Areas served: West Africa, DR Congo, Madagascar
Training languages: Amharic, English, English as a Second Language, French, Swahili 

Mexico City, Mexico

The story behind the Mexico MTC: How the Benemérito private school with 90-acre campus became one of the busiest MTCs - Church News
Areas served: Mexico, other countries of North, Central and South America, Dominican Republic, Haiti
Training Language: Spanish, Haitian Creole, K’ekchi

Auckland, New Zealand

Elder David A. Bednar Dedicates Extension to New Zealand MTC
Areas served: Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Tahiti, Tonga
Training languages: English, English as a Second Language, French (native speakers only), Samoan (native speakers only), Tongan

Lima, Peru

Peru MTC Reflects on the Past Awaiting President Nelson's First Stop on South American Tour - Church News and Events
Areas served: Central and South America
Training language: Spanish

Manila, Philippines

Philippines MTC to Reopen, In-Person Missionary Training Will Resume by Phases
Areas served: All missions in the Philippines and Asia areas
Training languages: Cambodian, Cebuano, English, English as a Second Language, Hiligaynon, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Mongolian, Tagalog, Urdu, Vietnamese (all languages except Tagalog, native speakers only)

Johannesburg, South Africa

South Africa Missionary Training Center
Areas served: Africa Southeast, Madagascar
Training languages: English, Portuguese, Malagasy

Bangkok, Thailand
Areas served: Southeast Asia
Training languages: English, Thai, and Russian

Provo, Utah, United States


Areas Served: Worldwide
Training Languages: 50+ different languages

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