This Is How Your Goats, Chickens, & Other Donations Lit the World

This Is How Your Goats, Chickens, & Other Donations Lit the World

As part of their Light the World Christmas initiative, the Church placed a special type of vending machine in areas around Salt Lake City. The machines allowed people to purchase goats, chickens, water, first aid supplies, food, and more for those in developing nations around the world. The response was explosive, with people queuing up for hours to make a purchase.

Today, Sister Jean B. Bingham, General Relief Society President, shared a video showing in a small way the large impact the donations had. Joining her are Sister Sharon Eubank and Sister Reyna Aburto, her counselors.

“You are truly a light to the world. Last Christmas we showed you a vending machine the Church put in Salt Lake City where you could buy a gift for someone else in need. From goats to eyeglasses, your donations had a tremendous impact on thousands of people,” Sister Bingham shared. “We created this short video to give you an update on how others have been blessed by your goodness. Thank you for inspiring us with your generosity.”


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