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Daily Dose – May 10, 2016


“Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.” 1 Proverbs 31:10


“Sometimes we think we can live on the edge and still maintain our virtue. But that is a risky place to be.” Elaine S. Dalton



This Day in LDS History

1839: Joseph Smith and his family move into a house in Commerce (later Nauvoo), Illinois. The house, which had been owned by Hugh White, becomes known as the Homestead.
1869: The first transcontinental railroad is completed when the Union Pacific Railroad line meets the Central Pacific Railroad at Promontory Summit in Utah Territory. The new railroad allows Church leaders, missionaries, and converts to travel quickly to their destinations.
1995: The First Presidency announces the release of the Book of Mormon on videotape in American Sign Language.

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