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LDS Daily Dose – January 28, 2015


“And he gave unto them commandments, that they should worship the Lord their God, and should offer the firstlings of their flocks, for an offering unto the Lord. And Adam was obedient unto the commandments of the Lord.” – Moses 5:5


“Spiritually mature obedience is ‘the Savior’s obedience’. It is motivated by true love for Heavenly Father and His Son. When we willingly obey, as our Savior did, we cherish the words of our Heavenly Father: “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.”Robert D. Hales



This Day in LDS History

1836 Joseph Smith meets with various Church leaders in the Kirtland Temple, and they experience great manifestations of the power of God, including the appearance of angels.
1964 The U.S. federal government identifies Temple Square and the Lion House as National Historic Landmarks.
1967 The Philippines Mission is organized

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