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LDS Daily Dose – January 9, 2015


“Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me.” – John 14:1


“Many of us are trying to save ourselves, holding the Atonement of Jesus Christ at arm’s distance and saying, “When I’ve done it, when I’ve perfected myself, when I’ve made myself worthy—then I’ll be worthy of the Atonement. Then I will allow him in.” We cannot do it. That’s like saying, “When I am well, I’ll take the medicine. I’ll be worthy of it then.” That’s not how it was designed to work.”Stephen E. Robinson



This Day in LDS History

1851 An ordinance is passed by the government of the provisional state of Deseret to incorporate Great Salt Lake City.
1877 The first baptisms for the dead since the Saints had fled Nauvoo thirty years earlier are performed in the St. George Temple.
1966 Elder Gordon B. Hinckley presents the first copy of the Chinese translation of the Book of Mormon to President David O. McKay.

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