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Temple Worthiness | 12 February 2021


Wherefore, if ye have sought to do wickedly in the days of your probation, then ye are found unclean before the judgment-seat of God; and no unclean thing can dwell with God; wherefore, ye must be cast off forever.—1 Nephi 10:21


It would be the deepest desire of my heart to have every member of the Church be temple worthy. I would hope that every adult member would be worthy of—and carry—a current temple recommend.Howard W. Hunter




This Day in Church History

1851: The provisional state of Deseret authorizes and requests President Brigham Young, as governor of the territory, to procure a block of marble to be used in building the Washington Monument, which is under construction at the nation’s capital.
1955: President David O. McKay dedicates grounds for the Church College of Hawaii before hundreds of Latter-day Saints gathered in an open field on the north shore of the island of Oahu, Hawaii.
1989: The Church announces that worthy unendowed members whose spouses are not members of the Church or are not worthy to enter the temple may receive their individual endowments.

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