The Worth of Souls Is Great | 28 February 2021

The Worth of Souls Is Great | 28 February 2021


Remember the worth of souls is great in the sight of God.Doctrine and Covenants 18:10


So what are you worth? I hope you know that you are above and beyond those false measures of worth that we humans have created. You have an infinite value that has nothing to do with what your portfolio contains, what size you wear, what party you vote, what color your skin is, what your gender is, and so on. Why? First, because you are a human being, and all human beings have value. Second, because you are a child of heavenly parents who love you and see you for the valuable person you are.Kristin L. Matthews



This Day in Church History

1850: The government of the provisional state of Deseret passes an ordinance that incorporates the University of the State of Desert (later renamed the University of Utah).
1960: The Morristown New Jersey Stake, the first stake in New Jersey, is organized.
1961: The Scottish-Irish Mission is organized.

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