10 Fantastic Missionary TOONS to Put a Smile on Your Face

10 Fantastic Missionary TOONS to Put a Smile on Your Face

Space Jam. The Prince of Egypt. The Iron Giant.

This is only the beginning of projects LDS animator and director Scott T. Petersen has worked on. Now the head of Golden Street Animation, Petersen has another project that may not be as well-known, but is certainly loved among LDS members. Missionary TOONS actually began while Petersen was serving a mission in Guatemala and given a specific assignment to uplift the attitude of the Zone he was serving in. After talking with his companion, Petersen created the image below, which has now been sent across the world.

Original Missionary Angels Picture drawn in June 1990 by Scott Petersen

Today, Petersen has an entire line of Missionary TOONS to encourage missionaries and make them smile. On his official website, Petersen said, “I have tried to keep the quality high and the content meaningful, that it might be a useful tool in promoting the principles of missionary work and the gospel. Some have a strong scriptural based message and others are just meant to uplift and be funny or just remind you of your own mission.”

Here are ten of our favorite Missionary TOONS! You can see more here! 


You can also see the latest Missionary TOONS by visiting their official Facebook page. 

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  1. It’s nice to see the cartoons.
    May I ask to let me know the email address of brother Scott T. Peterson, the cartoonist to contact?
    I’m English teacher in Korea, and I want to use his other cartoons.
    I want to know any legal process to get permission to use his drawings.
    Thank you for your further help for it.

    Changsup Yang