10 Fun Facts About Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach, Super Bowl Champion, and Latter-Day Saint, Andy Reid

Under the diligent coaching and support of Andy Reid, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, the Kansas City Chiefs secured their first Super Bowl win in 50 years last night against the San Francisco 49ers. Players and fans alike praised Coach Reid’s passion and love for the game and hard-working ethic that brought the Chiefs to a fantastic victory. Coach Reid, who celebrated his 222nd career win with last night’s victory, has led a life full of perseverance, accomplishments, and has left a strong impact on all of those he has worked with. Here are 10 fun facts about this awesome Super Bowl Champion coach.

In High School, Coach Reid Worked As a Vendor at Dodgers Stadium

From his early years, Coach  Reid has always had a deep love for sports. So much so that during his high school days, he worked as a vendor at the famous Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles, California, home to some of the most exciting events in sports history. Coach Reid is from Los Angeles originally, and his times working at the stadium set him on the path of a lifelong career in sports.

Coach Reid’s Appearance on Monday Night Football in 1971

At the age of thirteen, Coach Reid participated in a Punt, Pass, Kick competition live on Monday Night Football in 1971. Coach Reid stood out in the competition due to his abilities and size already at the age of 13.

Coach Reid Attended and Played for Brigham Young University

Coach Reid attended John Marshall High School in Los Angeles, and for a brief period of time played offensive tackle at Glendale Community College. However, soon after he was recognized by Brigham Young University and brought over to join the team and attend school there. Coach Reid was a practicing Lutheran at the time of his transfer to BYU but felt excited to play for the team. Reid was coached by one of the NCAA’s greatest coaches, LaVell Edwards.

Coach Reid Converted to the Gospel through His Wife Tammy

While attending and playing for BYU, Coach Reid met his wife Tammy, and soon after he joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, converting from Lutheranism.

Coach Reid Coached for Brigham Young University after Graduation

After graduating from BYU in 1981, Coach Reid spent one year as a graduate assistant on the school’s football coaching staff. Reid coached legends of the team such as Steve Young. In last nights celebration, Steve Young had this to say about Coach Reid:

Coach Reid Coached then Green Bay Packer Rookie Brett Farve

After coaching at a variety of different universities including BYU, Northern Arizona University, and Missouri, Coach Reid was hired as an assistant coach to the Green Bay Packers in 1992. This was the same year that the team gained a new star, and NFL legend, Brett Farve. Coach Reid led the Packers to a Super Bowl victory in 1996.

Coach Reid Has Won the NFL Coach of the Year Award 4 Times

Each year, the NFL announces their Coach of the Year to highlight head coaches that perform outstandingly in the role. Coach Reid has won this prestigious award 4 times, making him one the most decorated coaches in the NFL.

Coach Reid and His Wife Tammy Treasure Their Faith

Coach Reid and his wife Tammy are both active members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and Coach Reid has said on multiple occasions how much his faith means to him. At a recent event, Coach Reid and Tammy spoke to a packed meetinghouse of youth at a local Stake Center in Kansas City. Tammy stated that “we do have this huge faith and we like to share it, because it’s made our lives better and it makes our lives richer.” At the same meeting, members said that Coach Reid went into full “coach mode” by sharing his testimony via power-point, plays, and graphs in an evening that members said was spiritual and fun.

Coach Reid Was Inducted Into the Philadelphia Eagles Hall of Fame

There are not many other cities that root for their sports teams like the fans of Philadelphia. Coach Reid will forever have a special place in the hearts of the Philadelphia Eagles, due to his tireless work and dedication to the team during his 13 years as head coach. Though during his time as coach they did not win a Super Bowl championship, Coach Reid sent 19 of their players to 44 Pro Bowl appearances, the highest total of any team in the NFL during that period. None of those players had ever appeared in a Pro Bowl before Coach Reid was hired.

Coach Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs

When Coach Reid was first hired as the Kansas City Chiefs head coach, they had just finished their 2012 season with only two wins. He achieved the unthinkable leading them to a blazing 9-0 2013 season start and finishing 11-5. From then the Chiefs began steadily improving, encountering setbacks and some less than stellar seasons, but with last night’s incredible victory over the San Francisco 49ers, sports experts everywhere are speculating that Coach Reid has secured his spot into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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