10 Star Wars Quotes That Sound A Lot Like General Conference

May 4 is considered, unofficially, to be National Star Wars Day! To celebrate, here are 10 of our favorite Star Wars quotes (in no particular order) with their General Conference counterparts. May the Fourth Be With You!

Number One

That Is Why You Fail

Staring Your Quest of Faith

Number Two

It Binds the Galaxy Together

There Is No Power on The Earth Like It.

Number Three

Weakens Character

Number Four

There Is Good In Him.

As They May Become

Number Five

Strike Me Down

Thank You For Cutting Me Down

Number Six

Luminous Beings

Endings Are Not Our Destiny

Number Seven

Father and Son

Address Him As Father

Number Eight

The Mind of a Child

If We Have a Heart to Learn

Number Nine

The Force Will Be With You


Number Ten

Fear Is the Path to the Dark Side

Distressing Emotion of Fear


CTR Rings in your favorite fictional languages!

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