11-Year-Old LDS Singer Brings Popular Moana Song to Life

11-Year-Old LDS Singer Brings Popular Moana Song to Life

Kenya Clark, like many young LDS 11-year-olds, was inspired by the perseverance and determination displayed in Disney’s latest hit “Moana.” So inspired in fact, Kenya was able to raise money for a trip to Mexico so she could sing one of the songs from the film with videographer Nick Sales.

How was she able to do it? Kenya decided to continue a fundraiser she’d had previous success with: selling pizza cards. In fact, Kenya funds nearly all of her music projects this way. She worked hard and was able to travel to a beautiful hidden beach in Mexico with Nick and her family. You can watch the music video they made together below. Kenya wants everyone to know they can be like Moana.


Kenya has sung with the One Voice Children’s Choir and performed at multiple events across Utah. You can visit her YouTube channel here.

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