Saturday, July 2, 2022
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16 Year Old LDS Musician Pays Tribute to Patsy Cline

LDS emerging country artist Sarah Beth recently released her official music video for her original song “Virginia”. The video is based on Sarah Beth’s roots as she pays homage to country trailblazer Patsy Cline. Sarah and Patsy are both from beautiful and historic Winchester Virginia, which is why Sarah wanted to dedicate “Virginia” to her memory. Through the song, Sarah Beth expresses her love for her home state and patriotism for her country. Patsy Cline’s daughter Julie was able to help make the video possible.

Moving is no new adventure for Sarah Beth’s family. Currently sixteen years old, she has moved close to 12 times! “I never struggled with moving because I actually grew to enjoy the idea of gaining more experience,” Sarah stated. Sarah was able to move back to her home state Virginia on her eleventh move and recently left it on her twelfth. Sarah recalls, “This past move was rough and I’m glad it was. That means I got to really love the place I had lived and that never happened before.”

You can contact Sarah Beth through e-mail or by following her on Facebook.

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