Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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20 GIFs That Describe How You Feel About General Conference

It’s the night before General Conference! In just a few measly hours, two days of inspiration and light will begin and you’re probably…


Excited Anna Kendrick GIF


After all, you will get to hear from the Church leaders you love. You just think of them and go…

adele i adore you GIF by Recording Academy / GRAMMYs


Then, you remember we are getting TWO NEW APOSTLES.

oh my god wtf GIF


And even though you will miss President Monson and Elder Hales deeply…

Image result for we'll miss you gif


You can’t wait to see who will be called!

willy wonka suspense GIF

No matter who it is though, you’ll be happy!

excited yas GIF


And don’t lie…you’ve definitely been speculating about what they may announce.

toy story awww GIF


It’s ok. We’re all hoping to hear a new temple will be built near us. And if that happens, we all know we’d…

excited freak out GIF


Changes aren’t the only thing to look forward too though. Your favorite leader will get up to speak…

Image result for fangirl gif


And then they will lay down some awesome spiritual truth bombs.

Image result for truth bomb gif



The inspiration of it all just reminds you that…

Image result for you can do anything gif

There is a good chance you may even…

Image result for cry gif


It’s ok! There is always something you love to eat during General Conference that makes you feel better. It may be cinnamon rolls, a potluck, or just snacks you sneak into the Conference center.

excited winnie the pooh GIF

After all, 8-12 hours of sitting isn’t the easiest.

the office agree GIF


There is always the music to keep awake! You know it makes you…

eva carneiro no GIF

It is also a good time to rush to the bathroom or grab something you need.

Related image



Through it all, however, you’re basically like…


But then you realize General Conference is about to end!

wait what lol GIF by Ray William Johnson

And even though you want to…

tired the big bang theory GIF

You can’t wait until six months pass and you get to do it all over again!

Image result for until next time gif

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