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20 Hilarious LDS Pick-Up Lines

20 Hilarious LDS Pick-Up Lines

Here are 20 hilarious LDS pick-up lines that will make you smile and cringe at the same time.

Even with a Liahona, I get lost in your eyes. 

I just got off my mission, and I’m looking for my next companion.

You are my Pearl of Great Price.

Want to hold the Priesthood? (Guy holds out hand).

Can I hold your hand? I’ve always wanted to hold the hand of an angel.

Did you go to EFY, because I am Especially For You.

I’d leave the 99, because you are the one.

The scriptures say to give drink to those that are thirsty and to feed the hungry. How about dinner this weekend?

You seem familiar. Did we meet in the pre-existence?

Can you bring your feelings for me to the church Thursday night at 7? Because I’m pretty sure it’s mutual.

Are you the iron rod? Cause I want to hold onto you for the rest of eternity.


Is your name sunshine? Cuz you are in my soul today. 


(While dancing) “You know, I’m really grateful for Martin Harris.” “Why?” “Because without him, there’d be another 116 pages between us.”

Is your name Ammon? Because you’re disarming.

Are you a Gadianton robber? Because you just stole my heart.

I knew I’d feel the Spirit at EFY, but I didn’t think I’d see an angel!

Wait, is your name _____? You’re not going to believe this, but your name is in my patriarchal blessing.

I’ve been reading the Book of Numbers, and I realized I don’t have yours. 


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