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22 Animated GIFs That Prove Mormons Are Awesome

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We have all seen our fair share of animated GIFs on the internet. Each one making us turn our head sideways, cringe in pain, or laugh our little hearts out. We created 22 LDS animated GIFs that will make you do just that and more. Have you ever seen a GIF of President Monson wiggling his ears? How about Mormon NBA player Jimmer Fredette getting jiggy at his wedding? Maybe a missionary doing something… a 19 year old boy would do? You’ll see that and more in this post.

President Monson’s Jaw Dropping Announcement

Everyone remembers President Monson’s shocking announcement back in October 2012 about the missionary age change. We’re wondering if this gentleman was more shocked about the fact that he could go a year earlier, or that his girlfriend could now serve a mission. Maybe he had a ring in his pocket?
Age Change Announcement

Alex Boye’s Ballin’ Skills

Alex Boye is known for his I’m a Mormon campaign, Africanized YouTube videos and Frozen covers. But did you know that Alex Boye starred in an entire YouTube video about Church Ball? In this video not only does he poke fun at LDS church ball culture but he shows off his mad dance skills.
Alex Boye Dance

David Archuleta Gets Emotional

David Archuleta was undoubtedly under the spotlight before he served a full-time mission in Chile. During his mission announcement on stage, he was overwhelmed with support from his loving fans and it came out in this inspiring video.
David Archuleta Gets Emotional

Donnie & Marie

In our religion, we believe that families are awesome. This entertainment duo takes it to the next level. A Donny & Marie animated GIF, isn’t it about… time.
Donnie and Marie Dancing

Missionary Saves Ducklings

This missionary served these little ducklings by setting them free from a storm drain. We’re sure the mother duck was filled with gratitude.

Missionary Frees Ducklings From Storm Drain

Elder Perry Fist Bump

After one session of General Conference in 2014, Elder Perry celebrated another successful session by giving Elder Bednar a fist bump. Maybe we’ll see a chest bump next time?
Elder Perry Fist Bumps Elder Bednar

Jump For Joy!

Miranda Hatch jumped for joy when she opened her mission call to discover that she would be serving in the same mission her father did 20 years prior. We got excited just watching her!
Sister Missionary Excited About Call

Teach Me How To Jimmer

We found this GIF of BYU legend and NBA player Jimmer dancing at his wedding. Jimmer is clearly talented on and off the court.
Jimmer Fredette Dances at Wedding

He’s Okay…

We were hesitant to share this this video until we watched to the end.
Missionary Crashes on Bike

Missionary Showing How It’s Done

Missionaries are often able to use their talents on their missions to show they are normal people just like you or I… or in this case, maybe a little more athletic than you or I.
Missionary Playing Basketball

Missionary Flips Out

In this fun little video, this missionary does an impressive back flip over his companion. FUTURE MISSIONARIES: We couldn’t find anywhere in the White Handbook that this is a missionary approved activity.
LDS Missionary Backflip


We’re not sure exactly what these missionaries were trying to do, but it didn’t end so well.
LDS Missionary Crashes in Puddle

Elder Moonwalk

In this viral video posted by our friends at LDS Smile, this missionary has a friendly street dance battle with a street performer in Barcelona Spain. Even Michael Jackson would be proud.
LDS Missionary Dance Off in Spain

Missionary Tackles Mom

This missionary was overwhelmed with joy when he saw his mom for the first time in 2 years. We’re not sure how she felt about the whole ordeal.
LDS Missionary Tackles Mom

Stick to Politics

He might not be our future President, but Mitt really should stick to politics. Maybe an appearance on Dancing With The Stars would refine his skills.
Mitt Romney Dancing

The Perfect Solution… Or Not…

In a session of General Conference in April 2013, President Monson shared a story about getting rid of some weeds in a field using matches. Here’s what he thought of that decision years later.
President Monson Rolls Eyes

Vote For Pedro

Jon Heder, a LDS movie maker shows off his dance moves in the popular movie, Napoleon Dynamite.
Jon Heder Dance Moves

Saturdays (Not So) Warrior

Saturdays Warrior is a classic LDS film. Throwing children onto skateboards isn’t. Which is why this  scene that didn’t make the final cut.
Saturdays Warrior Blooper

Smiling Conference Guy

Some of you may remember this video that went viral after General Conference in April 2011. Who is this guy anyway?
Smiling Conference Guy

Take One For The Team

This video was created by Studio C from BYU TV. The viral video now has over 19 million views.
Studio C Soccer

The Yawn Seen ‘Round the World

This adorable kid singing on the stand in General Conference in October 2013 apparently was up late rehearsing. Cut the boy some slack. When is the last time you stayed awake during ALL sessions of General Conference?
Yawning General Conference Boy

I Wiggled My Ears

A Prophet of the Lord should be a shining example of righteousness and reverence, even if their sitting on the stand in Stake Conference… right? In a General Conference talk back in 2008, President Monson shared a story about how he was up on the stand during a Stake Conference and a boy in the congregation was copying everything he did. Pulling out all stops, President Monson wiggled his ears in an attempt to stump the young boy. It worked.
President Monson Wiggles His Ears

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