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3 More LDS Films Available to Stream on Netflix

3 More LDS Films Available to Stream on Netflix

Check out our updated list of LDS movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime here!

You may have seen our old list of the best LDS movies to stream on Netflix. Well, we’ve got three more to add to the list and some updates to make. So grab the popcorn and get ready to binge-watch!

Once I Was a Beehive

This is definitely the most exciting addition! The film about a grieving non-member teenager who winds up at Girl’s Camp took audiences by storm and even scored a national release. You can read our behind-the-scenes look at the film here.

Meet the Mormons

This Church-sponsored documentary follows the lives of six LDS members from around the world. It is inspiring, heartbreaking, and funny. The film even became one of the top grossing documentaries of all time.


Granite Flats

This is the little television show that could! Produced by BYUtv, the period drama and mystery features three pre-teens and their sleuthing skills. It has some big names attached to it, such as Parker Posey, Cary Elwes, and Christopher Lloyd. The show is over now, but all three seasons are available to stream. If you’re like us…you’ll find three seasons definitely isn’t enough. Watch the season 3 trailer below. Don’t worry, it won’t spoil you for any of the earlier seasons.


Changes & Updates

Here are some updates to the original list!

Netflix removed Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration and American Mormon. Luckily, the film about Joseph Smith is available on and YouTube for free.

Netflix moved 17 Miracles and Saints & Soldiers: Airborne Creed to their DVD plan. They are available, but only as a physical copy.

You can still find The Saratov Approach, Forever Strong, and the two other Saints & Soldiers films!

Don’t have Netflix or a streaming service? You can find most of these DVDs and much more, including The Cokeville Miracle and Just Let Go, for purchase here.


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