Thursday, July 7, 2022
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3 Mormons, 3 Opinions, 1 Talk Show

3 Mormons, 3 Opinions, 1 Talk Show

Can three Mormons help break incorrect stereotypes, address difficult topics, and still have a great time?

That’s the goal of a brand new YouTube series, 3 Mormons. Hosted by Ian, Shelly, and Kwaku, the series features a roundtable setting where the three seek to have a positive, accurate conversation as they share their opinions about different LDS topics.

“Ian, Kwaku, and I all have different backgrounds, opinions, and quirks (to be honest, we have a lot of quirks),” said Shelly Williams, one of the hosts. “But we’re still all active, devoted members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! There’s no mold to be Mormon, we have all shapes and sizes and personalities and opinions, but we all believe the same basic things.”


Rachel Grant, one of the creators of the series, said, “Our goal is to talk about subjects that are sometimes considered taboo. We want to show that while there are many opinions on different LDS topics, it’s okay and the gospel remains steady and true. We can all talk about difficult subjects! If we could just get rid of some incorrect stereotypes about Mormons, I think we could do some major missionary work.”


While viewers can expect good doses of both humor and the Spirit, there is also a good amount of discussion and healthy debate. The show hopes viewers will take heart and learn they can have friendly conversations with others.


“Being nice to people who don’t share your same opinion is really hard–especially when that opinion is something close to your heart that you are passionate about,” said Williams. “However, I think that just being nice during conflict of opinion is one of the greatest missionary efforts we have!”

For their first episode, 3 Mormons jumps head first into the heated topic of modesty, specifically when it comes to swimsuits and athletic wear. You can watch it here. If you’re interested in getting more episodes, make sure to subscribe!


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