5 Awesome LDS Websites You Really Need to Know About

5 Awesome LDS Websites You Really Need to Know About

For members of the Church, it can be hard to hear the positive voices in a world full of negativity, confusion, and noise. While there are many websites seeking to share goodness, of which LDS Daily is just one, it can be hard to hear about them. Since we’re involved in working with many wonderful influencers, we’ve put together a list of five amazing websites every LDS member should know about. Through this list, you’ll find access to great content for all ages and personalities.

Meridian Magazine

Meridian Magazine, founded by Scot and Maurine Proctor in 1999, continues to be an excellent resource for thoughtful, extensively researched pieces. One thing that stands out about Meridian Magazine is the great network of columnists and contributors who share their work through the site, offering multiple viewpoints and insights into LDS culture, current events, and hard-hitting issues.

Where should you start? Take a look at this amazing series on Nephi’s Bountiful. The Proctor’s traveled to Oman and have been working with archaeologists to understand the science behind possible Book of Mormon locations.

Mormon Buzzz

Mormon Buzzz are definitely the new kids on the Bloggernacle block, but they’ve made their presence known with vibrance and social media saavy. Not only is their website and article artwork beautifully designed, but Mormon Buzzz has a great pulse on what members want to know. With only three main contributors, Mormon Buzzz is doing a lot with just a few drops of goodness.

If you haven’t been to Mormon Buzzz already, you should definitely check out their humor section first. Witty and timely, their humor articles have made their way across the internet in a viral way.

LDS Smile

We all know that spiritually minded is life eternal and LDS Smile is here to bring fun and humor the gospel. While they also post more serious topics, LDS Smile has a long standing tradition of unique humor articles that you won’t find anywhere else. Originally designed with LDS youth in mind, LDS Smile has a way of connecting to what trends are currently on the internet and putting a positive spin on it.

For example, they have multiple meme and gif articles, which capitalizes on a popular trend while still sharing the gospel and reacting to LDS culture. Start with this great article trying the Super Bowl and Mormons together.


LDS.net is supported by the More Good Foundation, a non-profit organization dedication to helping Mormons share their beliefs on the internet. As such, LDS.net is full of great resources and information about the Church for both members and non-members. Two things make LDS.net unique.

First, LDS.net has a forum where members can go and discuss everything from Church news and events to LDS movies to a special board for those seeking support. Second, LDS.net is great at videos! Just check out their YouTube channel! They do a weekly “Mormon Minute” in Spanish, English, and Portuguese,  plus they’ve got great videos explaining doctrines of the Church.

The Cultural Hall

Founded by Richard “Richie T” Steadman, The Cultural Hall is an online community for members and non-members to discuss all things Mormon. The foundation for their discussion is their weekly podcast. You can find March’s podcasts here and well as links to their full archives. The Cultural Hall is known for tackling tough issues within the Church while maintaining an entertaining format. For many members, it is a refreshing place where all viewpoints can be heard and a good time can be had by all.

The Cultural Hall also has an active presence on social media and occasionally posts special blog posts and reports.


What other LDS websites do you like to follow? Let us know in the comments below. 


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