5 Hilarious LDS Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

5 Hilarious LDS Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

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While there are definitely times when members of the Church need to be reverent and reflective, there are also times to laugh out loud! Elder Richard G. Scott once said laughter “will extend your life and make the lives of those around you more enjoyable.” Here are five hilarious LDS Instagram accounts that will make you smile at some of our peculiarities.

1. Studio C – Click here for more!



Studio C is the beloved BYUtv sketch comedy group. While their skits aren’t necessarily focused on LDS culture, they definitely provide good clean fun for the whole family.


2. MormonsGetIt – Click here for more!




MormonsGetIt are all about funny Mormon Memes. They host a great collection from all over the web and a lot of their posts are geared towards LDS youth, including memes about stake dances, trek, EFY, and seminary.


3. ProvoGuysAmIRight – Click here to see more!



Love reading awkward texts and Tinder messages from guys to girls? The ProvoGuysAmIRight account posts real-life submission from girls in Provo about the texts boys send them. While many of them are face-palm funny, the account owners (two women) are also dedicated to highlighting some of the questionable approaches guys take, which means there are some pretty explicit posts. We’ve posted a tame one above. You can listen to a podcast about their mission with the account and why they highlight such “online ickiness” sometimes.



4. ProvoGirlsAmIRight – Click here to see more!




ProvoGirlsAmIRight, run by two guys, is the other side of the coin.

Tru doctrine. Thanks to @thetycann for sending it in

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5. MormonGirlProbz – Click here to see more!

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MormonGirlProbz isn’t just about problems Mormon girls face, though there is some of that. It is mostly just hilarious Mormon memes.

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