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6 LDS Films Available to Stream on Netflix

6 LDS Films Available to Stream on Netflix

Check out our updated list of LDS movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime here.

Did you know some of the most popular LDS films in recent years are available to stream on Netflix? Whether you are looking for some positive movies for family night or just want to #sharegoodness, grab the popcorn and enjoy!

Joseph Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration


Released in 2005, this film depicting the life of Jospeh Smith was created to coincide with the church’s bicentennial celebrations of Smith’s birthday. Shown in visitor centers and released on DVD, the movie is not only available on Netflix, but YouTube and the Mormon Channel as well. The copy of the film now available is the 2011 revised version, which was edited to help those not familiar with the life of the Prophet to better understand it.

The Saratov Approach

The Saratov Approach was released in 2013 and tells the story of Elder Propst and Elder Tuttle, two LDS missionaries kidnapped and held for ransom for five days. It was called “one of the best in the Mormon film genre.”

17 Miracles

This 2011 inspirational true story is based on the experiences of members in the Willie Handcart Company during their ill-fated trek to Salt Lake City. The film depicts 17 miracles experienced by different members of the company.

American Mormon

In the spirit of the classic Mormon movie From the Mouths of Babes, filmmakers Daryn Tufts and Jed Knudsen prod the minds of everyday men and women on the street, asking them to share their perceptions — and misconceptions — about Mormons.

Forever Strong

Star rugby player Rick is sent to a reformatory for a DUI, and while he’s serving his sentence, a tough rival coach allows him to play for his team.

The film is inspired by Larry Gelwix, famed Highland rugby coach and former LDS mission president. You can read Gelwix’s exclusive post with LDS Daily here.

Saints and Soldiers (Entire Collection)

In a story based on real events, a small band of Allied soldiers struggle behind enemy lines with information that could save thousands of lives. The entire collection, including 2012 sequel, Saints and Soldiers: Airborne Creed and the recent Saints and Soilders: The Void is also available.

If none of these tickle your fancy, you can always find great LDS films here.

What is your favorite inspirational or faith-promoting film? 

UPDATE: Meet the Mormons is now also available on Netflix!

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