6 Tips for Making Mocktails

6 Tips for Making Mocktails

If you want to celebrate an occasion in style, but don’t want to drink, mocktails are the answer! These fun and bubbly drink mirror the effervescence and creativity of “mixology” without any alcohol.

When thinking of mocktails, soda and juice or sparkling ciders often come to mind. These are certainly delicious, but there is so much more you can do. Whether you want to wow a crowd or just have some fun in the kitchen, check out these six tips for making mocktails.

Use Schweppes

Schweppes is a particular brand of tonic water and club sodas. Full of carbonation, these drinks will give your mocktail all the bubbliness they need. Depending on what flavors you’re using, you can use Schweppes on its own as a base or combine it with ginger ale or soda before adding more ingredients.

Sweetness Level

Sometimes, people have a habit of over sweetening their mocktails. This happens for a number of reasons. First, the alcohol substitutes like soda generally have a much higher sugar count. Second, alcohol has a muting effect on the sugary additives to mocktails. There isn’t anything wrong with making a mocktail to be a sugary, electrifying punch. However, you’ve got more options.

Play around with muted flavor palettes. Don’t know where to start? Consider creating drinks centered on ingredients with a lot of flavor, such as mint. Mint, lime, and coconut are popular flavors that don’t require a ton of sugar to taste delicious.

Virgin (non-alcoholic) Bloody Mary’s are also a great option. With a tomato juice base and strong additives such as horseradish, they are extremely easy to make and full of zing.

Simple & Flavored Syrups

If you have some extra time, consider making your own simple syrup. Simple syrup is a common ingredient in most cocktails. Before feeling overwhelmed, don’t be! Simple syrup is basically sugar water that has been boiled and cooled. You will just need one part sugar to one part water. Bring it to a boil, stirring constantly, and then allow to cool.

Simple syrup acts as liquid sweetener that distributes evenly in a drink without a grainy taste.

You can even make flavored syrups for your mocktails by adding different ingredients. Add lemon. Add fruits. Add herbs and spices. Drain and strain your flavored syrups before using.

Garnish & Decoration

Mocktails are made fun largely by their presentation. Garnishes and other decorative elements are essential. One of the most popular garnishes is fruit, especially citrus. Orange peels, lime wedges, and frozen fruits that act as ice cubes are all popular options.
If you choose to go the ultra-sweet route, cotton candy, rock candy, and peppermints are also a lot of fun. Kids especially enjoy these touches.

Rim the Glasses

Rim the glass of your mocktail with edible decorations. Sugar and salt are the most basic. The fancier the drink, the more fun you can have. Other options include crushed candy, sprinkles, cocoa powder, crushed chocolate, crushed candy, and colorful sugar crystals. This is simple, easy, and makes all the difference.

Edible Shot Glasses

Want to go the absolute extra mile? Make your own edible drinking glasses. There are recipes for shot glasses made out of soda, juice, candy, chocolate, cookies, brownies, gelatin, and even cheese. You could also make fancy colored ice glasses to keep the drink cold.

The simplest way to create these epic shot glasses is to purchase an inexpensive silicone mold and find a recipe you would like to try. However, we found a tutorial here that will let you make your own mold out of paper and plastic cups.

We hope you enjoyed these tips for making mocktails. For ten of our favorite mocktail recipes, click here!


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