7 Soon-to-Be Missionaries Shock Their Families With Mission Calls

7 Soon-to-Be Missionaries Shock Their Families With Mission Calls

Receiving and opening a mission call is a special moment for any LDS missionary. From having friends place their guesses on a map to carefully covering the letter with the packet of information, this singular moment is steeped in fun traditions and begins an unforgettable journey. But these seven soon-to-be missionaries had something completely different in mind and decided not to tell anyone they were serving.

When their mission calls arrive…well, you’ll just have to see for yourself!

This Mom goes out to her mailbox and is shocked by what she finds!

Elder Smedley is serving in the Peru Arequipa Mission.

When the Bishop came over to “home teach,” he asked this son to give a small spiritual thought. He starts at the 1:35 mark and you won’t believe this Dad’s face.

This Dad thinks he is about to have a young man ask his permission to marry his daughter. However, the question asked at 2:49 minutes isn’t what he is expecting.

After living with chronic headaches and concussions, Cody and his family wondered if serving a mission was going to be possible for him. Today, he tells them the final decision.

Kaitlyn doesn’t just surprise her parents. She surprises everyone.

This may be one of the best Christmas gifts ever.

Brynn is rolling down a hill in excitement. Find out why.

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